Biology 332 Protistology

Term 2, Winter/Spring 2007 Schedule of Labs and Lectures

Second Term January-April 2007

Mo. Jan 8th
Lab Exam Term 1

Tu. Jan 9th

Introduction - Cryptomonads

Th Jan 11th
Cryptomonads and Haptophytes

Mo. Jan 15th

Lab 10: Cryptomonads and Haptophytes Setting up Microscopes

Tu. Jan 16th

Intro Heterokonts, Oomycetes etc.

Th. Jan 18th

Labys, Chrysophytes, Brown AlgaeLabys, Chrysophytes, Brown Algae

Mo. Jan 22nd

Lab 11: Oomycetes and Chrysophytes

Tu. Jan 17th


Th. Jan 19th


Mo. Jan 29th

Lab 12: Diatoms

Tu. Jan 30th

Intro Alveolates: Dinoflagellates

Th. Feb 2nd


Mo. Feb 5th

Lab 13: Dinoflagellates

Tu. Feb 6th


Th. Feb 8th

Evolutionary History of Alveolates

*Mo. Feb 12th

Lab 14: Live Gregarines (students get Tenebrio and earthworms)

Tu. Feb 13th

Intro Apicomplexans: Gregarine Prepared Slides

Th. Feb 15th

Apicomplexans: Gregarines, Coccidians

Feb 19th-23rd

Reading Week

Mo. Feb 26th

Lab 15: Coccidians and Haemosporidians

Tu. Feb 27th

Apicomplexans: Haemosporidians

Th. Mar 2nd


Mo. Mar 5th

Lab 16: Karyorelictids and Heterotrichs

Tu. Mar 6th


Th. Mar 8th


*Mo. Mar 12 th

Lab 17: Oligohymenophorans
(students get live karyorelictids from sand)

Tu. Mar 7th


Th. Mar 9th


*Mo. Mar 19th

Lab 18:Live ciliates

Tu. Mar 20th

Intro Rhizarians, Heliozoans

Th. Mar 22nd

Radiolarians: Acantharians

*Mo. Mar 26th

Lab 19:Radiolarians and Testaceafilosians
(students get testate filose amoebae)
Foraminiferans (students get live forams)

Tu. Mar 27th

Radiolarians: Polycystines

Th. Mar 29th

Intro Cercozoans, Sarcomonads

*Mo. Apr 2nd

Lab 20: Lab final

Tu. Apr 3rd

Cercozoans: Thecate Filose Amoebae, Phaeodarians

Th. Apr 5th


Mo. Apr. 9th

Easter Monday - university closed

Tu. Apr. 4th


Th. Apr. 6th

Extension, Review