Biology 332 Protistology

Term 1, Fall/Winter 2005

Schedule of Labs and Lectures for the First Term

September-December 2005

Tu. Sep 6

Introduction, Expectations Term 1

Th. Sep 8

History of Protistology

Mo. Sep 12

Lab 1 : Natural Communities 1 

Tu. Sep 13

Principles of Molecular Phylogenetics, Monophyly/Paraphyly/Polyphyly

Th. Sep 15

Origin of Eukaryotes

Mo. Sep 19

Lab 2: Natural Communities 2

Tu. Sep 20

Endosymbiosis and the origin of Mitochondria

Th. Sep 22

Protist Diversity, the major groups, intro Amoebozoans

Mo. Sep 26

Lab 3: Protamoebae (Lobosa)
Making Lab Drawings

Tu. Sep 27

Amoebozoans: Protamoebae

Th. Sep 29

Amoebozoans: Protamoebae, intro Conosa

*Mo. Oct 3

Lab 4: Conosa, incl. Slime Moulds (students get live slime moulds)

Tu. Oct 4

Amoebozoans: Plasmodial Slime Moulds

Th. Oct 6

Amoebozoans: Cellular Slime Moulds

Mo. Oct 10

Thanksgiving, no lab

Tu. Oct 11

Intro Opisthokonts, Ichthyosporids, intro Fungi (Chytrids)

Th. Oct 13

Opisthokonts: Chytrids

*Mo. Oct 17

Lab 5: Chytrids, Sponges (students get sponges)

Tu. Oct 18

Opisthokonts: Choanoflagellates

Th. Oct 20

Opisthokonts: Multicellularity, towards Animals

*Mo. Oct 24

Lab 6: Oxymonads and Parabasalians: the Termite Gut (students get termites)

Tu. Oct 25

Intro Excavates, Oxymonads and Trichomonads

Th. Oct 27

Excavates: Metamonads and Heteroloboseans

*Mo. Oct 31

Lab 7: Metamonads and Kinetoplastids (students get live kinetoplastids)

Tu. Nov 1

Excavates: intro Euglenozoa: Bodonids, Kinetoplastids

Th. Nov 3

The Kinetosome

Mo. Nov 7

Rememberance Day: no Lab

Tu. Nov 8


Th. Nov 10


Mo. Nov 14

Lab 8: Euglenoids

Tu. Nov 15

Primary Endosymbiosis and the Origin of Plants

Th. Nov 17

Glaucophytes, Red Algae

Mo. Nov 21

Lab 9: Green Algae

Tu. Nov 22

Green Algae and the origin of higher plants

Th. Nov 24

Secondary Endosymbiosis, the Chromalveolate Hypothesis, revisiting Euglenoids

Mo. Nov 28

Lab Exam

Tu. Nov 29


Th. Dec 1