Student Name (Preferred Name) Essay Topic for term 2 Bibliography Prospectus
Bertner, Paul Jeremy
Brkic, Dejan (Danny) Phototaxis in protists
Chan, Timmie Tin Bik(Timmie) Ageing in ciliates
Chen, Joyce Chih Ling Bioluminescence in dinoflagellates
Chen, Stephen (Stephen) Foram test morphogenesis
Chin, Maxime Crystal DNA editing in ciliates
Choi, Winnie Wing Chi(Winnie) Secondary endosymbiosis and Protist diversity
Chou, Serena (Serena) Dinoflagellates on coral reef formation
Chow, Darren Lawrence Protein targeting to secondary plastids
Din, Aneesa (Aneesa) Ciguatera fish poisoning
Feng, Tina Yiu Gar(Tina) How does Trypanosoma evade host defenses?
Finch, Christopher Terrance(Chris) Plastid Evolution
Gangaeva, Anna Losing immortality: ageing in ciliates
Huang, Li Mei (Laura) Mitosis in Trichomonads
Imam, Bita Lateral gene transfer in protists
Jenkins, Christopher Robert Hydrogenosomes
Kalia, Deepika How does Plasmodium evade host defenses?
Lai, Darwin (Darwin) How does Toxoplasma evade host defenses?
Liang, Karen Yee Kay Food vacuole processing in Paramecium
Lok, Maggie Kar Lai(Maggie) Dinoflagellate toxins
Mubanga, Michael Chinyimba Epidemiology of Malaria
Rivera, Ricardo Raul(Ricardo) Molecular biology of Phytophthora infections
Surajballi, Llewellyn (llewellyn) Morphogenesis of diatom cell wall
Tan, Matthew Tanny H.K. Can protists influence the weather
Teh, Albert Yi Fa(Albert) Haptonema
Tsang, Stanley Tin Chung(Stan) What is a centrosome (Comp biol of spindle pole bodies)
Tsui, Vivian Wai Yan(Vivian) Macronuclear development in ciliates
Wong, Andrew Morphogenesis of coccoliths
Wong, Joanna Chung Yen(Joanna) Plankton behaviour: circadian cycles
Wong, Justin Jung Tol(Justin) Euglenoid pellicle and its evolution
Yamada, Emi Suzuki(Emi) Evolutionary significance of mucleomorphs
Yong, Yvonne Hui Jing(Yvonne) Haplosporidium infection in Oysters