Geoff Lau – Academic Director

Year: 3

Favourite thing about biology: I love the diversity of life. To me, biology is the story of life and how it has overcome the obstacles that it has encountered. Everything has a form and function and the diversity of forms and everything is so inspiring.

What is your favourite organism: My favourite organism is the blobfish because….I mean….just look at it. Like….same.

3 Things you could not live without: Pop music, internet connection, and hot wings

Keegan Flanagan – Academic officer

Year: 2

Sandy Hassoun – Academic 0fficer

Year: 4

Favourite thing about Biology: It’s super applicable to my every day life.
Goals for BioSoc this year: To reach out to a larger proportion of the biology student population and host more socials and events to connect them with one another.
What is your favourite organism and why? : My spirit organism is a dolphin because they are super playful, friendly, intelligent and make cute noises.