Alphabetical Index of Coleoptera Families


Family ADERIDAE (Ant-like Leaf Beetles) [Fig. 89]

Family AGYRTIDAE (Primitive Carrion Beetles) [Fig. 15]

Family AMPHIZOIDAE (Trout-stream Beetles) [Fig. 8]

Family ANOBIIDAE (Deathwatch, Furniture and Spider Beetles) [Fig. 48]

Family ANTHICIDAE (Ant-like Flower Beetles) [Fig. 88]

Family ANTHRIBIDAE (Fungus Weevils) [Fig. 97]

Family ARTEMATOPODIDAE (Artematopodid Beetles) [Fig. 37]

Family ATTELABIDAE (Leaf and Bud Weevils) [Fig. 98]

Family BORIDAE (Conifer Bark Beetles) [Fig. 84]

Family BOSTRICHIDAE (Bostrichids and Powder-post Beetles) [Fig. 47]

Family BOTHRIDERIDAE (Bothriderid Beetles) [Fig. 64]

Family BRACHYPTERIDAE (Short-winged Flower Beetles) [Fig. 53]

Family BRENTIDAE (Pear-shaped Weevils) [Fig. 99]

Family BRUCHIDAE (Bean Weevils) [Fig. 92]

Family BUPRESTIDAE (Metallic Wood-boring Beetles) [Fig. 30]

Family BYRRHIDAE (Pill or Moss Beetles) [Fig. 31]

Family BYTURIDAE (Fruitworm Beetles) [Fig. 63]

Family CANTHARIDAE (Soldier Beetles) [Fig. 43]

Family CARABIDAE (Ground Beetles) [Fig. 4]

Family CERAMBYCIDAE (Longhorn Beetles) [Fig. 91]

Family CERYLONIDAE (Minute Bark Beetles) [Fig. 65]

Family CHRYSOMELIDAE (Leaf Beetles) [Fig. 95]

Family CIIDAE (Minute Tree-fungus Beetles) [Fig. 71]

Family CLAMBIDAE (Minute Beetles) [Fig. 28]

Family CLERIDAE (Checkered Beetles) [Fig. 50]

Family COCCINELLIDAE (Lady Beetles, Ladybird Beetles) [Fig. 67]

Family COLYDIIDAE (Colydiid or Cylindrical Bark Beetles) [Fig. 76]

Family CORYLOPHIDAE (Minute Hooded Beetles, Minute Fungus Beetles) [Fig. 68]

Family CRYPTOPHAGIDAE (Silken Fungus Beetles) [Fig. 60]

Family CUCUJIDAE (Flat Bark Beetles) [Fig. 57]

Family CUPEDIDAE (Reticulated Beetles) [Fig. 1]

Family CURCULIONIDAE (Weevils or Snout Beetles) [Fig. 100]

Family DERMESTIDAE (Dermestid Beetles) [Fig. 46]

Family DERODONTIDAE (Tooth-necked Fungus Beetles ) [Fig. 44]

Family DRYOPIDAE (Long-toed Water Beetles) [Fig. 33]

Family DYTISCIDAE (Predaceous Diving Beetles) [Fig. 9]

Family ELATERIDAE (Click Beetles) [Fig. 40]

Family ELMIDAE (Riffle Beetles) [Fig. 32]

Family ENDOMYCHIDAE (Handsome Fungus Beetles) [Fig. 66]

Family EROTYLIDAE (Pleasing Fungus Beetles) [Fig. 62]

Family EUCINETIDAE (Plate-thigh Beetles) [Fig. 27]

Family EUCNEMIDAE (False Click Beetles) [Fig. 38]

Family GEOTRUPIDAE (Earth-boring Scarab Beetles) [Fig. 23]

Family GLAPHYRIDAE (Bumble Bee Scarab Beetles) [Fig. 25]

Family GLARESIDAE (Enigmatic Scarab Beetles) [Fig. 21]

Family GYRINIDAE (Whirligig Beetles) [Fig. 5]

Family HALIPLIDAE (Crawling Water Beetles) [Fig. 6]

Family HETEROCERIDAE (Variegated Mud-loving Beetles) [Fig. 35]

Family HISTERIDAE (Hister Beetles) [Fig. 12]

Family HYDRAENIDAE (Minute Moss Beetles) [Fig. 13]

Family HYDROPHILIDAE (Water Scavenger Beetles) [Fig. 10]

Family LAEMOPHLOEIDAE (Lined Flat Bark Beetles) [Fig. 58]

Family LAMPYRIDAE (Fireflies) [Fig. 42]

Family LANGURIIDAE (Lizard Beetles) [Fig. 61]

Family LATRIDIIDAE (Minute Brown Scavenger Beetles, Mildew Beetles) [Fig. 69]

Family LEIODIDAE (Round Fungus Beetles) [Fig. 16]

Family LIMNICHIDAE (Minute Marsh-loving Beetles) [Fig. 34]

Family LUCANIDAE (Stag Beetles) [Fig. 20]

Family LYCIDAE (Net-winged Beetles) [Fig. 41]

Family MEGALOPODIDAE (Megalopodid Leaf Beetles) [Fig. 93]

Family MELANDRYIDAE (False Darkling Beetles) [Fig. 73]

Family MELOIDAE (Blister Beetles) [Fig. 82]

Family MELYRIDAE (Soft-winged Flower Beetles) [Fig. 51]

Family MICROMALTHIDAE (Telephone-pole Beetles) [Fig. 2]

Family MONOTOMIDAE (Root-eating Beetles) [Fig. 55]

Family MORDELLIDAE (Tumbling Flower Beetles) [Fig. 74]

Family MYCETOPHAGIDAE (Hairy Fungus Beetles) [Fig. 70]

Family MYCTERIDAE (Palm and Flower Beetles) [Fig. 83]

Family NEMONYCHIDAE (Pine Flower Snout Beetles) [Fig. 96]

Family NITIDULIDAE (Sap Beetles) [Fig. 54]

Family NOSODENDRIDAE (Wounded-tree Beetles) [Fig. 45]

Family OCHODAEIDAE (Sand-loving Scarab Beetles) [Fig. 24]

Family OEDEMERIDAE (False Blister Beetles) [Fig. 80]

Family ORSODACNIDAE (Orsodacnid Leaf beetles) [Fig. 94]

Family PHALACRIDAE (Shining Flower Beetles, Shining Mold Beetles) [Fig. 59]

Family PROSTOMIDAE (Jugular-horned Beetles) [Fig. 79]

Family PTILIIDAE (Feather-winged Beetles) [Fig. 14]

Family PTILODACTYLIDAE (Ptilodactylid Beetles) [Fig. 36]

Family PYROCHROIDAE (Fire-coloured Beetles) [Fig. 86]

Family PYTHIDAE (Dead Log Beetles) [Fig. 85]

Family RHYSODIDAE (Wrinkled Bark Beetles) [Fig. 3]

Family RIPIPHORIDAE (Ripiphorid Beetles) [Fig. 75]

Family SALPINGIDAE (Narrow-waisted Bark Beetles) [Fig. 87]

Family SCARABAEIDAE (Scarab Beetles) [Fig. 26]

Family SCIRTIDAE (Marsh Beetles) [Fig. 29]

Family SCRAPTIIDAE (False Flower Beetles) [Fig. 90]

Family SCYDMAENIDAE (Antlike Stone Beetles) [Fig. 17]

Family SILPHIDAE (Carrion Beetles) [Fig. 18]

Family SILVANIDAE (Silvanid Flat Bark Beetles) [Fig. 56]

Family SPHAERITIDAE (False Clown Beetles) [Fig. 11]

Family SPHINDIDAE (Cryptic Slime Mold Beetles) [Fig. 52]

Family STAPHYLINIDAE (Rove Beetles) [Fig. 19]

Family STENOTRACHELIDAE (False Longhorn Beetles) [Fig. 81]

Family TENEBRIONIDAE (Darkling Beetles) [Fig. 78]

Family TETRATOMIDAE (Polypore Fungus Beetles) [Fig. 72]

Family THROSCIDAE (Throscid Beetles) [Fig. 39]

Family TRACHYPACHIDAE (False Ground Beetles) [Fig. 7]

Family TROGIDAE (Hide Beetles) [Fig. 22]

Family TROGOSSITIDAE (Bark-gnawing Beetles) [Fig. 49]

Family ZOPHERIDAE (Zopherid Beetles) [Fig. 77]