Population and Quantitative Genetics: BIOL 509

Mike Whitlock, Department of Zoology, University of British Columbia

Quick Summary:

This class, officially called "Population and Quantitative Genetics," BIOL 509, is a graduate course in evolutionary biology open to all graduate students with an interest in evolution, population genetics, or quantitative genetics. The class is designed to cover basic population and quantitative genetics theory, at an accelerated pace, and to cover several special topics in modern evolutionary thinking.

Unlike previous years, this year (2008) BIOL 509 will be taught concurrently with an undergraduate course, BIOL 434. See the listing there for more information about this year's course.

The previous year's course web-page is available here.


Michael Whitlock: whitlock@zoology.ubc.ca, 822-2069, Room 4370 Biol Sci

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