Slides for review (now including the in-class exercises)

Dec. 11: Office hours today at normal time: 1:30 pm.

Final exams may be viewed on Jan. 12 (2pm) or Jan.16 (1:30pm) in my office.

No asignment is due for the last week of class, but several problems are suggested in the assignment section below for practice.

The data set you collected in all labs last week on finger ratios is here.

The final exam for this class is scheduled for December 12 at noon, in WOODWARD 2.

You should be able to pick up your midterm in lab this week. The answer key for the midterm is here.

No homework assignment for October 27! Assignment 6 for Nov 3 is posted below.

By class vote, the midterm is on October 24 in class. Please bring a non-programmable calculator and a pen. The exam will cover material covered in lecture (chapters 1-10) and in the lab weeks 1-5.

The lab assignment to turn in for each week of lab is now listed in a column on the labs page.

The first 8 weeks of the lab manual is now available at Copiesmart in UBC Village. It is also available in PDF from the lab page.

Overheads from lectures can be downloaded here. (These are for convenience only -- lectures may change).


The textbook (The Analysis of Biological Data 2nd Ed., by Whitlock and Schluter) is available for purchase at the UBC bookstore. (Note, the book is substantially cheaper online (e.g. at than at the UBC bookstore, but allow two weeks for it to arrive. In the meantime, the first three chapters from the 2nd edition are available here, here, and here.) If you have the first edition, this will work, although you will have to get access to a copy of the 2nd edition for some assignment problems. (A copy is on reserve in the Woodward library.)


The labs meet ten times per term. These labs reinforce basic statstical principles, but moreover, they teach how to use the free and powerful statistical package called R. The schedule and materials for the labs are available here.


Assignments (and answers, later) will appear in this section as the term proceeds. Assignments are due on Fridays at 2 pm (at least a week after they are posted). Turn the assignments in to your TA from lab; they'll have a box outside the stats lab.

Assignment 10 (These are not due for marks. Practice and check your answers in the back of the book):Chapter 17: 18; Review problems 3, pp 597-603.

Assignment 9 (Due 2 pm Friday Nov 24): Chapter 15: 27 (parts a and b only); Chapter 16: 20 answers

Assignment 8 (Due 2 pm Friday Nov 17): Chapter 13: 20, 22, 31answers

Assignment 7 (Due 2 pm Friday Nov 10): Chapter 12: 20, 28answers

Assignment 6 (Due 2 pm Friday Nov 3): Chapter 10: 14, 22; Chapter 11: 15, 22: answers

No assignment is due Oct 27!

Assignment 5 (Due 2 pm Friday Oct. 20): Chapter 7: 22, 26; Chapter 8: 14, 15: answers

Assignment 4 (Due 2 pm Friday Oct. 13): Chapter 6: 16, 18, 19, 21, 29 : answers

Assignment 3 (Due 2 pm Friday Oct. 6): Chapter 5: Questions 18, 21, 28 and 33: answers

Assignment 2 (Due 2 pm Friday Sept. 29): Chapter 3: Question 21; Chapter 4: Questions 15 and 18: answers

Assignment 1 (Due 2 pm Friday Sept. 22): Chapter 1: Questions 14, 16, 21; Chapter 2: Question 22: answers

Practice and review materials



Prof. Michael Whitlock
Office: Biodiversity 216
Office Hours: Mondays 1:30-2:30, or after class

Teaching Assistants

Sherri Sadr Wed. 11
Office hours 10-11 Wed. Copp 2008

Libby Natola Tue. 9 and 11
Office hours Mondays from 11-12 in 325 in the Beaty Biodiversity Research Centre

Megan Bontrager Mon 11
Office hours 3-4 Mondays in 304 in the Beaty Biodiversity Research Centre

Freek de Haas Mon 2 and Friday 9
Office hours Monday 12-1 in 219 in the Beaty Biodiversity Research Centre

Kenneth Askelson Thur 9 and Friday 2
Office hours 1-2 Fridays in 324 in the Beaty Biodiversity Research Centre

Kat Anderson Wed 2 and Fri 11
Office hours Wed 10:30-11:30 in BioDiv 111 in the Beaty Biodiversity Research Centre

Tests and grading

Mid-term date: October 24.

Final exam date: TBD. The final exam will cover material from the whole course, including R from the labs. The final exam will last 2.5 hours.

During the exams, you will need to bring a sscientific calculator ( no graphing calcualtors, please.) You will be given a copy of a formula sheet and the statistical tables from the text.

The course grade will be averaged in the following way:





Assignments (homework)


Lab assignments



Your performance on the exams is expected to reflect your own work, not that of other people. University policy dictates stern penalties for those who copy the work of others or allow their own work to be copied. On assignments, it is acceptable to work in groups, but it is not acceptable to copy another's work or allow your work to be copied.

If you miss the midterm with a legitimate excuse (either by pre-arrangement or an acceptable medical emergency with doctor's note), no make-up midterm will be offered. The final exam grade will be used in place of the midterm in the final grade assessment.