BIOL 300: Biostatistics

Fall 2013


Final exams may be viewed Jan. 8 (1-2 pm) or Jan. 20 (3-4 pm) in my office.

Slides from the final reviewPlease note: these slides list what statistical tests you are responsible for. More broadly, the final will cover any material discussed in class or lab. (One exception is likelihood, because I forgot to list that chapter in the reading list.)

When you turn in your final draft for the lab write-up, turn in the marked-up draft as well.

The final exam will be DEC 12, 03:30 PM. Location will be determined by UBC.


Rough draft due in lab week of Nov 18-22. Rough draft is graded for half of the assignment mark. See note on the last 3 pages of the lab manual for suggestions about how to write the assignment, and see p. 50 of the lab manual for specific instructions.

Write your reports indepedently.

CLARIFICATION: Reports should be no more than 4 pages, including tables and figures. (Reference, if any, may be on an additional page.)

Comments will be returned to you in lab the week of Nov. 25-29. If you do not turn in the rough draft on time, you may not receive comments.

Final draft (worth half the grade) due at your regular lab time during the week Dec. 2-6.

Midterm key. On average, the class did very well.

Writing assignment 1 (associated with Lab 2) is now cancelled. The second writing assignment (in lab 7) will be handed in twice, once as a draft and once as a final copy.

Make sure you come to lab for Lab 5, which is October 14-18 for Tuesday, Thurday and Friday labs, and October 21 or 23 for Monday or Wednesday. Writing assignment is based on data you will collect during Lab 5 and on analysis techniques you will learn in labs 7 and 8. The first draft will be worth half of the mark and will be due in lab the 12th week of the course (November 18-22) in your lab. Comments will be returned to you in the last week of lab (week 13), and the final draft is due at the time of your lab one week later (Dec. 2-6, the first week after classes are over).


Course Materials

Assignments (and answers, later)



Practice and Review Materials


Prof. Michael Whitlock
Office: Biodiversity 216
Office Hours
: Mondays 1:30-2:30, or after class

Teaching Assistants - to be updated

Kim Gilbert <>
Sections: Monday 11 and 2
Biodiversity 312
Office hours:
Mon. 1-2 in the stats lab; homework box outside Biodiv 312

Becca Kordas <>
Sections: Wednesday 11
Biodiversity 104
Office hours:
10-11 Wed.

Kate Ostevik <>
Sections: Wednesday 2 and Friday 2
Office hours:
4-5 Friday in the stats lab

Alathea Letaw,
Sections: Friday 11
Biodiversity 203
Office hours:
Thrusday 11-12

Kira Delmore,
Sections: Tuesday 9 and Thursday 9
Office hours:
Tuesday 11-12 in the Stats Lab


Where is...?

Classes are 14:00 TTh in Wesbrook 100.

Lab Sessions are held in Biol. Sci. room 2078. Labs start the third week of term.

Assignment answers are displayed on this web page (see above, starting the Monday after the assignment is due).

When is...?

The midterm will be held in-class October 24. Date was determined by majority vote in class.

Assignments are due on Fridays at 2 pm (at least a week after they are posted). Turn the assignments in to your TA from lab; they'll have a box outside their door.

The final exam will be DEC 12, 03:30 PM. Location will be determined by UBC. The exam will last 2.5 hours.


The textbook for this course is The Analysis of Biological Data by Whitlock and Schluter. All royalties from sales of the book at UBC Vancouver will be donated to Oxfam.

The lab manual is available online and printed out at CopyRight in the basement of the SUB.

There are also many references on reserve and otherwise in Woodward Library.

Tests and Grading

Mid-term date: Oct. 24.

Final exam date: TBD. The final exam will cover material from the whole course. It will last 2.5 hours.

The course grade will be averaged in the following way:





Assignments (homework)


Lab assignments



Your performance on the exams is expected to reflect your own work, not that of other people.  University policy dictates stern penalties for those who copy the work of others or allow their own work to be copied.  On assignments, it is acceptable to work in groups, but it is not acceptable to copy another's work or allow your work to be copied.

If you miss the midterm with a legitimate excuse (either by pre-arrangement or an acceptable medical emergency with doctor's note), no make-up midterm will be offered. The final exam grade will be used in place of the midterm in the final grade assessment.

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