How to use FTP (good for uploading data to the SRA)

So you have done everything described in my earlier post about uploading data to the SRA and have received ftp instructions. It is pretty straight forward if you have experience in bash/shell. First navigate into the directory all of your data is in. They type:


Or whatever you target site is. You will be prompted to enter the supplied username and password. From here, the unix commands ‘cd’ ‘ls’ and ‘mkdir’ all work just as on our other machines. You can make a new directory for your data or just dump it where you are (there are no instructions otherwise). To upload one file use ‘put’.

 put Myfile1.txt

To a bunch, you should first turn off the prompt and then use mput with a wild card.

mput MyFile*txt

Check it is all there with ls and leave.