posting code, a warning (Greg B.)

I’ve just noticed there is a problem with code that has been dropped into posts. If you copy and paste directly from the post, for some reason, depending on the syntax of the code you may lose important bits. For example “while ()” appears as “while ()” but thats not what it is! Click on edit and see for yourself! You will not have this problem if you go to the edit post page and copy from there. Also and this may just be the text editor I use but some commented line were broken into multiple lines which did not have ‘#’.

There has to be a better way to host code here but I don’t know what it is. Any ideas?

SNP calling with ML (Greg B.)

Email for v7. Bug found that printed G’s as C’s and vise versa.

Call SNPs from sam files in a method similar to Hohenlohe et al 2010. Updated to v4 Feb 9. Previous version had a bug.

It is now fixed up for all of BWAs cigars flavors.

This only deals with reads that fit one of the following:
Full alignment (55M)
Soft clip at the start (10S45M)
Soft clip at end (45M10S)
One deletion (25M10D25M)
One insertion (20M10I20M)

This means it ignores reads with a cigar fields that have N, H, P, = or X and it ignores reads with a cigar more complicate then a single soft clip or a single indel. It also does not penalize reads adjacent to indels.

It ignores bases in soft clipped parts of reads

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Population Genomics! (Greg B.)

Ask me for the most current version of these if you want to use them.

Several people in the lab are now working with very similar data (in structure) and have similar questions (in technique). As I have discussed with several people it would be very useful if we could all build up and share the tools needed to do these analysis. Understandably, people may want to do things on their own or in a specific manner, but I think there are several advantages to building this up together. The main thing is that it will be more efficient in terms of personnel time, having each person re-invent the wheel does not make sense. I think the blog is a great place to set do this. Below we can make our wish list and link to posts for solutions as they become available. As always, the principles (1,2 and 3) covered here apply.

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