Tundra Northwest 1999 Swedish Polar Expedition

The Swedish Tundra Northwest Expedition of 1999 used the Canadian icebreaker Louis S. St-Laurent to sample 17 sites from Baffin Island to the north Yukon and from the mainland to the North Magnetic Pole on Ellef Ringnes Island. Theme A of this expedition, led by Kjell Danell and Anders Angerbjorn, concentrated on trophic dynamics. We have attempted to obtain a snapshot of the trophic dynamics of the terrestrial arctic ecosystem by estimating plant production as well as herbivore and predator abundances, and integrating all these data in an ECOPATH model. These data are now published (Krebs et al. 2003, Canadian Journal of Zoology 81: 827-843Download PDF), and we include here the original data annotated in an Excel file for those who wish more detailed information. These data should not be used in publications without the approval of the Expedition leaders.

If you would like to download the excel data file, click on the following link:
Ecopath_TNW99.xls (MS EXCEL 2000 file, file date July 25, 2001)

The Louis S. St-Laurent.

TNW sampling sites