CONS 501/ZOOL 524: Topics in Conservation Genetics

Spring 2010




Sally Aitken (Forest Sciences) and Rick Taylor (Zoology)

When: Mondays and Wednesdays, 1:30-3:00

Where: Forest Sciences Building, room TBA

First meeting is TBA (Organizational)

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Population genetic software (to simulate processes)


Website for EASYPOP: a population genetics simulation program. Original publication HERE.

Another set of simulations can be tried HERE.

Readings (from 2008 course!)

January 16th No. 1. Ohnishi et al. 2007 (Michelle); No. 2 Jensen et al. 2007 (Jeremy)

January 23rd. Ne: JS Moore. Shrimpton and Heath (2003); No. 2 Schmeller and Merila (2004)

January 31. Inbreeding, fitness, and heterozygosity (Debra and Gerrit). No. 1 Calleri et al. (2006); No. 2 Reed (2005)

Link to special issue of Proceedings B including info on wild population pedigrees (from Jeremy):

February 6th. Local adaptation. (Patricia). No. 1 Jolivet and Bernasconi (2007); No. 2 Cousyn et al. (2007)

February 13. Climate change (Ella B.). No. 1 Aitken et al. (2008); No. 2 Thomas et al. (2001)

Feb 27th. Population structure (Amanda). No. 1 Yang et al. (2008); No. 2 Kang et al. (2008)

March 5th. Mutation (Emily/Louise). No. 1 Ajie et al. (2005); No. 2 Estes and Lynch (2003)

March 12th. Units of Conservation. (Damon/Patricia) No. 1 Fouquet et al. (2007); No. 2. Kebede et al. (2007).

March 19th. Hybridization and introgression. (Gerrit/Amanda) No. 1 Dabrowski et al. (2005); No. 2 Prentis et al. (2007)

April 2. Statistics in conservation (Jill). No. 1 Rowe and Beebee (2007); No. 2. Shoemaker et al. (1999)

April 9th. Conservation programmes/strategies (Louise). No. 1 Joron and Brakefield (2005); No. 2 Araki et al. (2007)