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GE3LS Activity: The C. elegans Gene Knockout Consortium

Assessing the use and impact of genomic resources made publicly available.

Research Objectives
To track the use of data and research materials produced by the C. elegans Gene Knockout Consortium (GKC) in order to understand how publicly available information is accessed, used and incorporated into scientists work.

Researchers, funding bodies and society debate the benefits of making scientific knowledge publicly available as a means to maximize accessibility. By making basic research publicly available, opportunities are created for new scientific innovation to be developed. We are working to provide examples of the uptake of publicly available resource by focusing on the use of one particular research project’s body of publicly released data. By tracking the use of this openly available data source we are able to better understand how an open science system functions. Using the C. elegans Gene Knockout Consortium and the community of researchers who use C. elegans as a case study we are exploring how information is distributed through publicly available resource by tracking the products (publications and patents) that arise from these freely released materials.

CAE GE3LS Arch and Projects

Public Domain Biology OutcomesPoster: Tracking the Academic and Commercial Outcomes of Public Domain Biology: C. elegans knock outs as a case study