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Worm Community

WormBase - An online database of C. elegans genetic, genomic and biological information
C. elegans Server - Leon Avery's collection of the top websites and search engines benefiting the C. elegans community
- a comprehensive, open-access collection of original, peer-reviewed chapters covering topics related to the biology of C. elegans
WormAtlas - an atlas of behavioural and structural anatomy of C. elegans
Vancouver Worm Research Meeting - monthly meetings of C. elegans research labs in the Lower Mainland
GFP Fusion Database - A database containing the expression patterns of ~2000 promoter::GFP fusions
SAGE Database - A searchable web-based datasite provided by the BCGSC containing stage and tissue specific C. elegans expression data
RNAi Database - collected data of RNAi screen for myofilament organization (not yet public)
Useful Online Tools
BLAST - Performs local alignment of protein or nucleotide sequences
Oligo Calculator - Calculates primer characteristics including melting and annealing temperatures
Aceprimer - Designs PCR primers for deletion allele screening in C. elegans
MultiAlign - Multiple sequence alignment online
ExPASy Proteomics Server - Expert Protein Analysis System for the analysis of protein sequences and structures as well as 2-D PAGE
Moerman Lab Affiliates
Knockout Consortium - a multi-lab collaboration facilitating genetic research of the C. elegans model system through the production of deletion alleles at specified gene targets.
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation - member of the Consortium whose ultimate goal is to produce null alleles of all known genes in the C. elegans genome.
Genome British Columbia - a research organization that invests in and manages large-scale genomics and proteomics research projects focused on areas of strategic importance
Genome Sciences Centre - a leading international centre for genomics and bioinformatics research
Life Sciences Institute - an internationally recognized centre for life sciences research
Michael Smith Laboratories - Canada's first interdisciplinary biotechnology unit
Zoology - the department of zoological research at UBC