Else C. Vellinga

Paul Kroeger

Ludovic Le Renard

Adolf and Oluna CeŇ°ka

Mary Berbee

Design and Development:

Eric Tsoi

Alirod Ameri

Derek Tan


BC Centre for Disease Control, Environmental Health Services

Vancouver Mycological Society (VMS)

North America Mycological Association (NAMA)

South Vancouver Island Mycological Society (SVIMS)

Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center

Funding from:

Peter Wall Solutions Initiative Grant: 'Edible, poisonous or ecologically vital--DNA sequence database to characterize BC fungi important for human and environmental health'

Stuntz Foundation Institutional Grant: ' Edible, poisonous or ecologically vital--A mushroom booklet for identification of BC fungi important for human and environmental health'

An anonymous donation in memory of mycologist, mentor and UBC professor Gilbert Hughes will allow us to link mushroom Photographs to Photographs showing labelled field characters.