Welcome to the Biology 418 web site. This course presents an overview of current knowledge and modern research into evolutionary ecology.

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Meeting times and locations for tutorial/discussion sections will be decided after the first lecture of term. Attendance at the first lecture is mandatory or chosen tutorial times may conflict with timetables of absent students. Space in the course for students absent during the first week may be withdrawn and given to an attending student on the wait list.

 Bibliography for lectures

These links provide the reference source materials for lectures. Some links may provide useful additional reading for tutorials and essays. The references will be updated through the term. Links in parentheses are to pdf files containing the overheads given in lecture which I will make available before each lecture. You will require Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to read the lecture overheads.
  1. Intracellular symbionts and sex ratio (Lecture overheads)
  2. Natural selection (Lecture overheads)
  3. Variation in natural populations (Lecture overheads)
  4. Evolutionarily stable strategies (Lecture overheads)
  5. Optimal foraging (Lecture overheads)
  6. Coevolution of competitors (Lecture overheads)
  7. Predator-prey coevolution (Lecture overheads)
  8. Host-parasite coevolution (Lecture overheads)
  9. Coevolution of mutualists (Lecture overheads)
  10. Evolution of life histories (Lecture overheads)
  11. Sexual selection (Lecture overheads)
  12. Evolution of sexual reproduction (Lecture overheads)
  13. Ecology and speciation (Lecture overheads)

Readings for discussions

These links provide information on required and supplementary readings for the tutorials. Links to readings will be updated throughout the term as we cover the topics. To access any online journal publications from off campus, follow the instructions here.
  1. Natural selection in the wild
  2. Eco-evolutionary dynamics ** First essay due Friday Sept 29, 5pm *
  3. Tit-for-tat
  4. Optimal habitat selection ** Second essay due Friday Oct 13, 5pm **
  5. Character displacement
  6. Plant and insect coevolution ** Third essay due Friday Oct 27, 5pm **
  7. Evolution of virulence
  8. Life history and predation ** Fourth essay due Friday Nov 10, 5pm **
  9. Evolution of senescence
  10. Sexual selection ** (Optional) Fifth essay due Friday Nov 24, 5pm **
  11. Evolution of sex
  12. Human-induced evolution