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Graduate Theses

Askelson, Kenneth K. MSc 2018 Genomic differentiation of Northern Goshawks in coastal British Columbia
Bernhardt, Joanna Robin PhD 2018 The thermal ecology of populations and ecosystem services in a changing world
Brown, Douglas Robert MSc 2018 The effect of remyelination blockade on axon survival and damage in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
Brown, Norah Elizabeth Maclean PhD 2018 Ecological responses to ocean acidification by developing marine fouling communities
Bryant, Heather Jean MSc 2018 The role of mitochondrial uncoupling in temperature responses in Atlantic killifish, Fundulus heteroclitus
Cashion, Madeline Self MSc 2018 Evaluating and enhancing the taxonomic resolution of shark and ray (Subclass Elasmobranchii) catch statistics in the Mediterranean and Black Seas (1950-2014)
Chan, Victor MSc 2018 The effects of salinity and photoperiod on growth and swimming performance in Atlantic and coho salmon raised in recirculating aquaculture systems from smolt to adult.
Chung-Chun-Lam, Dillon James PhD 2018 Intraspecific variation and thermal acclimation effects on mitochondrial function in a eurythermal teleost (Fundulus heteroclitus)
Das, Mriga PhD 2018 Understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying glia-glia communication in the Drosophila peripheral nerve
Duncan, Gregory James PhD 2018 Transcriptional regulation of remyelination and its role in axonal health and locomotion
Dzal, Yvonne Andrea PhD 2018 Matching oxygen supply and oxygen demand : do heterothermic rodents tolerate cold and hypoxia through the retention of neonatal traits?
Fang, Yuanchang MSc 2018 Effects of salinity and photoperiod on growth, aerobic scope, and hypoxia tolerance of Atlantic and coho salmon in recirculating aquaculture systems
Fujii, Iwao MSc 2018 Costs and benefits of changing sampling methods in long-term monitoring of marine protected areas
Harvey, Christina MSc 2018 Gull wing morphing allows active control of trade-offs in efficiency, maneuverability and stability
Jung, Hyewon Ellen MSc 2018 The relationship between thermal tolerance and hypoxia tolerance in Amazonian fishes
McMillan, Olivia Jenna Lindsay MSc 2018 Carbonic anhydrase in the gills and blood of chondrichthyan fishes
Metzger, David Calin Hartley PhD 2018 Environmental epigenomics in stickleback : plasticity of DNA methylation and gene expression patterns across time scales
Obradovich, Shannon Grace PhD 2018 Evaluating key assumptions of a hook-based relative abundance index derived from the catch of bottom longlines
Osmond, Matthew M PhD 2018 Adaptive challenges : fitness-valley crossing and evolutionary rescue
Sadr Karimi, Shaghayegh MSc 2018 Functionalizing carbon nanotubes as a model to study the actin-based mechanism used by baculovirus to enter the cell nucleus
Smyth, Graham MSc 2018 Spatiotemporal and directional properties of visual neurons in the lentiformis mesencephali of the zebra finch and hummingbird
Stephenson, India MSc 2018 Species discovery, evolution and kleptoplasty in marine meiofaunal flatworms
Wor Lima, Catarina PhD 2018 Spatial and length-based models for management of migratory transboundary species : application to Pacific hake (Merluccius productus)
Allegue, Hassen MSc 2017 Variability of harbour seal (Phoca vitulina) foraging behaviour during out-migrations of salmon smolts
Anderson, Kathryn Michele PhD 2017 Algal-herbivore interactions in a high carbon world : direct and indirect effects through individuals, populations, and communities
Chen, Cheng MSc 2017 Factors affecting the efficacy of biodiversity conservation in tropical protected areas : a case study in Xishuangbanna, southwestern China
Chen, Xi MSc 2017 Mechanism of Semaphorin-Plexin signaling in synaptic pattern formation in Caenorhabditis elegans
Chen, Zhongqi PhD 2017 Physiological, transcriptomic and genomic mechanisms of thermal adaptation in Oncorhynchus mykiss
Drost, Helen E. PhD 2017 Upper thermal limits and acclimation potential of Arctic cod (Boreogadus saida) : a key food web species in the Arctic Ocean
Gibbons, Taylor Christian PhD 2017 Phenotypic plasticity and divergence in physiological traits during freshwater colonization in threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus)
Granados, Alys PhD 2017 Ecological effects of disrupting plant-animal interactions
Kuo, Ting-Chun PhD 2017 Fisheries and trade of species Listed on CITES appendix II, with a focus on seahorses
Lau, Gigi Yik Chee PhD 2017 Adaptive variation of mitochondrial function in response to oxygen variability in intertidal sculpins (Cottidae, Actinopterygii)
Lin, Xiang MSc 2017 An investigation into the genetic basis of variation in hypoxia tolerance in Atlantic salmon
Lo, Wing Man Mandy MSc 2017 Effects of bicarbonate on cardiac function in fish
Manning, Clayton Garin MSc 2017 How is a family of sedentary marine fishes shaped by its habitats, prey, and predators?
McBryan, Tara Lynn MSc 2017 A genetic basis of adaptation to high pH in Rainbow Trout
Meshkani, Javad MSc 2017 Glia/Axon connections in the peripheral nerve of Drosophila melanogaster
Moulson, Aaron Jack Taylor MSc 2017 Characterization of oligodendrocyte lineage cell responses remote to the lesion site in a murine model of thoracic contusion spinal cord injury (SCI)
Naman, Sean Murphy PhD 2017 The influence of physical habitat structure on invertebrate drift and Pacific salmon production in forest streams
Northrup, Sara Lynn PhD 2017 Contributions of genetic variations and phenotypic plasticity to variation in high pH tolerance in Rainbow Trout
Ono, Jasmine PhD 2017 Genetics of adaptation in experimental populations of yeast
Regan, Matthew D. PhD 2017 The hypoxic metabolic response : how time and PO䉉 shape the way fishes combine aerobic, anaerobic and depressed metabolism in hypoxic environments
Robertson, Anne Burnett MSc 2017 Fluorescent implantable elastomer tags for the measurement of oxygen in insects
Robertson, Mark MSc 2017 Factors affecting the proportion of three-dimensional spider webs along a precipitation gradient
Samarasekera, G.D.Nadika Gayathri PhD 2017 Kinase control of the tricellular junction protein Gliotactin, and Gliotactin-induced phenotypes in epithelia
Selgrath, Jennifer Coyle PhD 2017 Quantifying the development of small-scale fisheries on coral reefs, and their impact on habitats
Sharifkhodaei, Zohreh PhD 2017 Tricellular junction regulation, signaling and scaffolding
Sharpe, Ruth Victoria PhD 2017 Local and global dynamics in social spider metapopulations
Shartau, Ryan Brady PhD 2017 Vertebrate preferential intracellular pH regulation during severe acute hypercarbia
Siegle, Matthew Ray PhD 2017 Heat wave impacts across scales in the splash pool copepod, Tigriopus californicus
Skandalis, Dimitri Ariel PhD 2017 Form and function in hummingbird flight
Theriault, Jolan MSc 2017 Work loop dynamics of the pigeon (Columba livia) humerotriceps and its potential role for active wing morphing
Acevedo, Maria PhD 2016 Non-canonical roles of the nucleoporin Nup153 in influenza A virus infection, intracellular transport, and cellular architecture
Aylesworth, Lindsay PhD 2016 Developing conservation action for data-poor species using seahorses as a case study
Barbour, Matthew A. PhD 2016 Intraspecific trait variation structures species-interaction networks : a case study with the host plant Salix hookeriana
Champion, John Michael MSc 2016 Determining the effects of sediment deposition on the growth, survival, and foraging efficiency of the endangered Nooksack dace (Rhinichthys cataractae sp. cataractae), and on the abundance, distribution, and community structure of their invertebrate prey.
David, Santiago MSc 2016 Foraging niche structure and coexistence in a highly diverse community of Amazonian antbirds (Thamnophilidae: Aves)
Diaz Gomez, Mariana MSc 2016 The cost of energy transformation and digestibility of macronutrients in northern fur seals (Callorhinus ursinus)
Emerman, Joshua David MSc 2016 Establishing the optimal salinity for rearing salmon in recirculating aquaculture systems
Eom, Junho MSc 2016 Investigation of physiological and behavioral alarm responses in larval white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus)
Fernandez Fournier, Philippe MSc 2016 Complex spider webs as habitat patches : environmental filtering drives species composition
Fung, Charissa W. MSc 2016 Cranial shape correlates with diet specialization in northeast Pacific killer whale (Orcinus orca) ecotypes.
Goller, Benjamin PhD 2016 Visual control of hovering in Anna's hummingbirds
Gomez, Crisostomo Roberto MSc 2016 Mitochondrial responses to anoxia exposure in red eared sliders (Trachemys scripta)
Healy, Timothy Mark PhD 2016 Aerobic metabolism and temperature : intraspecific variation and thermal acclimation in Atlantic killifish
Hehre, Edward James III PhD 2016 Effects of seaweed farming on tropical shallow coral ecosystems
Hilton, Brett Jason PhD 2016 Regeneration and plasticity of descending motor pathways following spinal cord injury
Iritani, Naoki Davis MSc 2016 Description of two new species of marine gregarine parasites (Apicomplexa) from the intestines of Lumbrineris inflata (Annelida)
LaguÌÇ, Sabine Lina PhD 2016 Cardiorespiratory responses to hypoxia in high- and low-altitude geese and ducks
LeDue, Emily Elizabeth PhD 2016 Examining how pharyngeal taste input and internal physiological context influence feeding decisions in Drosophila
Letaw, Alathea Diana PhD 2016 Factors influencing the coexistence of bromeliad-dwelling chironomids on Ilha do Cardoso, Brazil
Low, Katelyn Laura MSc 2016 Effects of age on mesocorticolimbic testosterone levels and androgen receptors in male rats
Miller, Sara Elizabeth PhD 2016 Intraguild predation is a mechanism of divergent selection in the threespine stickleback
Munoz, Jenny MSc 2016 The role of facilitation in the structure of tropical bird communities : a case study of mixed-species flocks
Petley-Ragan, Lindsay Madeleine PhD 2016 Perineurial glia regulate morphology of the Drosophila nervous system
Rennison, Diana Jessie PhD 2016 Detecting the drivers of divergence : identifying and estimating natural selection in threespine stickleback
Rudman, Seth Michael PhD 2016 The ecological consequences of evolutionary change in freshwater ecosystems
Samuk, Kieran Mikhail PhD 2016 The evolutionary genomics of adaptation and speciation in the threespine stickleback
Strimas-Mackey, Matthew MSc 2016 Accounting for long-term persistence of multiple species in systematic conservation planning
Werner, Jeffery Ross PhD 2016 Habitat specificity among ground squirrel populations at multiple spatial scales
Whale, James Callum Andrew MSc 2016 How to make a tuna burst : the role of angle of attack in the production of thrust
York, Julia McRae MSc 2016 Respiratory mechanics of high altitude waterfowl
Al-Abdulrazzak, Dalal PhD 2015 In the wake of the dhow : historical changes in the marine ecology and fisheries of the Persian Gulf
Caulk, Natalie Catherine MSc 2015 Community structure and availability of edible primary producers to herbivores along a temperature gradient
Coll̩ter, Mathieu PhD 2015 Fishing impacts on the trophic functioning of marine ecosystems, a comparative approach using trophodynamic models
Cox, Georgina Kimberly PhD 2015 The functional significance and evolution of the coronary circulation in sharks
Delmore, Kira PhD 2015 Migratory divides and the genetic basis of reproductive isolation
Fellows, Tyee Kenneth MSc 2015 Visual resolution of Anna's hummingbirds (Calypte anna) in space and time
Gavelis, Gregory S. PhD 2015 Evolution of complex organelles in dinoflagellates
Goundie, Elizabeth Thomson MSc 2015 Quantifying the costs of dive behaviours and foraging strategies in Steller sea lions (Eumetopias jubatus)
Grabowski, Meagan M. MSc 2015 Interspecific boreal shrub growth response to climate, fertilization and herbivory.
Haggarty, Dana Rochelle PhD 2015 An evaluation of the effectiveness of Rockfish Conservation Areas in British Columbia, Canada
Hoos, Jennifer Piper Jorve PhD 2015 Climate change impacts on the kelp life history cycle
Jeanniard Du Dot, Tiphaine PhD 2015 Foraging strategies and efficiencies of lactating northern and Antarctic fur seals : implications for reproductive success.
Koot, Barbara MSc 2015 Winter behaviour and population structure of fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus) in British Columbia inferred from passive acoustic data
Leduc-Robert, Genevi̬ve MSc 2015 Phylogenetics and introgression of Habronattus jumping spiders using transcriptomes (Araneae:Salticidae)
Mandic, Milica PhD 2015 Biochemical and molecular traits underlying hypoxia tolerance in sculpins
Nicolas Stella, Angie Jhovanska MSc 2015 Forest fragmentation changes macroinvertebrate community composition in neotropical treeholes
Porter, Alison Nicole MSc 2015 An analysis of ecological traits as reproductive barriers between the MacGillivray‰۪s (Geothlypis tolmiei) and Mourning (G. philadelphia) warblers
Porteus, Thomas Allen PhD 2015 Evaluation of restricted-area culling strategies to control local red fox density
Read, Tyson J Gavin MSc 2015 Hummingbirds use banking to achieve faster turns and asymmetrical wingstrokes to achieve tighter turns
Segre, Paolo S. PhD 2015 Hummingbird maneuvering performance: aerodynamic mechanisms and physiological constraints : [supplementary material]
Segre, Paolo S. PhD 2015 Hummingbird maneuvering performance : aerodynamic mechanisms and physiological constraints
Slogan, James Randolph PhD 2015 Evaluation of design, environmental, and sustainability attributes affecting urban fisheries restoration habitat in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Stafford, Jeffrey MSc 2015 Juvenile Hormone esterase is a conserved regulator of starvation-induced behavior
Stocks, Allison Patricia MSc 2015 Diversification and depletion in Vietnamese seahorse fisheries
Taves, Matthew D. PhD 2015 Local glucocorticoid regulation in avian and murine lymphoid organs
Thomas, Austen Clause PhD 2015 Diet analysis of Pacific harbour seals (Phoca vitulina richardsi) using high-throughput DNA sequencing
Tovey, Katelyn Jessie MSc 2015 The effects of water ionic composition on acid-base regulation in rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss, during hypercarbia at rest and during sustained exercise
Vaughan, Megan Lillian Hatfield MSc 2015 The effects of ocean acidification on predator-prey interactions in echinoderms
Allen, David William MSc 2014 Physiological basis of growth-performance trade-offs : insights from different strains of rainbow trout
Amundrud, Sarah Louise MSc 2014 Direct and indirect effects of drought on community structure and ecosystem processes in an aquatic ecosystem
Bhathal, Brajgeet PhD 2014 Government-led development of India's marine fisheries since 1950 : catch and effort trends, and bioeconomic models for exploring alternative policies
Boonzaier, Lisa MSc 2014 Marine protected areas : a global exploration of their quantity and quality
Chu, Bonnie MSc 2014 The role of GABA in modulating taste neuron output in Drosophila
Conte, Gina Louise PhD 2014 The genetics of adaptation and speciation in threespine stickleback species pairs (Gasterosteus aculeatus species complex)
Dalton, Alexander Jonathan MacGregor MSc 2014 Daily energy expenditure of northern fur seals : techniques and measurements
Dick, Stefan James MSc 2014 Replicate divergence between and within sounds in a marine fish : the Copper Rockfish (Sebastes caurinus)
Dick, Stefan James MSc 2014 Replicate divergence between and within sounds in a marine fish : the copper rockfish (Sebastes caurinus)
Fay, Nikta PhD 2014 Parvoviral interactions with the cytoskeleton : exposing vimentin -- the forgotten player
Ford, Adam T. PhD 2014 The mechanistic pathways of species interactions in an African savanna
Gallagher, Emily Jean MSc 2014 The ontogeny of sodium balance of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and pink salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) during post-embryonic development in freshwater
Garcin, Pierre PhD 2014 Study of the minute virus of mice cell entry
Gignac, Sarah Jane MSc 2014 Characterization of Fundulus heteroclitus embryonic cell lines and their applications to fish health
Hoffman, Catherine MSc 2014 The influence of abiotic and biotic factors on the geographic distribution of spider sociality : insights from a factor exclusion and transplant experiment
Kordas, Rebecca Lee PhD 2014 Community ecology in a warmer world : direct and indirect effects of temperature on community dynamics
Lawson, Julia Margaret MSc 2014 Rare seahorses have big implications for small fishes in bycatch
LeCraw, Robin Marie PhD 2014 The influence of spatial processes at multiple scales on local community structure and function
May-McNally, Shannan Leigh MSc 2014 Biodiversity of Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus) : sympatric morphs and hybridization with Dolly Varden (S. malma) in southwestern Alaska
Moreira, Amanda Leigh MSc 2014 The evolutionary origin of "black" kokanee (Oncorhynchus nerka) and their genetic and phenotypic diversity in the Anderson and Seton lakes system
Nelson, Jocelyn Christine MSc 2014 Species invasion in the marine fouling communities of British Columbia : factors that influence invasion dynamics and how they may affect Botrylloides violaceus
Ou, Michelle MSc 2014 The effect of climate change-related environmental acidification on the growth, development and energetics of the early life stages of pink salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha)
Piascik, Edyta Katherine MSc 2014 Intercontinental ecomorph convergence in jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae)
Picard, Manon MSc 2014 Effects of ocean acidification on early developmental stages of the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) in an aquaculture setting
Prior, Nora H. PhD 2014 The neuroendocrine regulation of pair-maintenance behavior in the opportunistically breeding zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata)
Rai, Satbir Kaur MSc 2014 Identification of a putative corticosteroid in Pacific Lamprey (Entosphenus tridentatus)
Robertson, Frances Charlotte PhD 2014 Effects of seismic operations on bowhead whale behaviour : implications for distribution and abundance assessments
Ross, Erica MSc 2014 Woodpeckers and the biomechanics of concussion
Ruskey, Jennifer Anne MSc 2014 Morphological stasis and genetic divergence without reproductive isolation in the Rhinichthys cataractae species complex : insights from a zone of secondary contact in the lower Fraser Valley, British Columbia
Schiller, Laurenne Louise MSc 2014 Tuna be, or not tuna be : using catch data to observe the ecological impacts of commercial tuna fisheries in the Pacific Ocean at varying spatial scales
Thompson, William Andrew MSc 2014 The effects of strain and ploidy on the physiological responses of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) to pH 9.5 exposure
Toews, David P. L. PhD 2014 Hybridization, speciation and the biogeography of genetic and phenotypic variation in Setophaga warblers
Valls, Audrey Emilie PhD 2014 Understanding, modeling and predicting trophic interactions between marine species
Wilson, Christopher Mark PhD 2014 Cardiac control in the Pacific hagfish (Eptatretus stoutii)
Wright, Brianna Margaret MSc 2014 Kinematics and acoustics of foraging behaviour by a specialist predator, the northern resident killer whale (Orcinus orca)
Wu, Wei PhD 2014 Unveiling the neglected roles of nucleoprotein NLS2 and cellular vimentin during Influenza A virus infection
Yue, Sam MSc 2014 Effects of oil palm plantations on mammal communities in northeastern Borneo
Au, Shelly PhD 2013 Nuclear import of baculovirus autographa californica multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus (AcMNPV)
Avery-Gomm, Stephanie MSc 2013 Determining the impacts of hydrological drought on endangered Nooksack dace (Rhinichthys cataractae) at the population and individual level : Implications for minimum environmental flow requirements
Blackburn, Gwylim Seaton PhD 2013 Mating trait divergence in Habronattus americanus jumping spiders and sex ratio evolution under sexual conflict
Chen, Youhua MSc 2013 Microarthropod diversity and distribution in Southwestern Canada
Clark, Trisha Elaine MSc 2013 Stiffness of mouse aortic elastin and its possible relation to aortic media structure
Delepine, Marc MSc 2013 Performance of thunniform propulsion : a high bio-fidelity experimental study
Eshragh, Roya Marie MSc 2013 Molecular contributions to species descriptions of dicyemid mesozoans
Falk, Letitia Louise Elizabeth MSc 2013 The contribution of different domains of connexin 43 to cytoskeletal rearrangements in B-lymphocytes
Gerlinsky, Carling Dawn MSc 2013 Oxygen stores, carbon dioxide accumulation and nutritional status as determinants of diving ability of Steller sea lions (Eumetopias jubatus)
Glenn, Kyle William PhD 2013 Evolutionary ecology of seaweed strength and flexibility
Gooding, Rebecca Ann PhD 2013 Multiple abiotic changes and species interactions mediate responses to climate change on rocky shores
Govender, Rhona MSc 2013 Small but mighty : a global reconsideration of small-scale fisheries.
Harwood, Gyan MSc 2013 Cooperation and colony size as drivers of differential resource use among sympatric social predators
Jansen, Hailey Janice MSc 2013 Characterization of chromatin assembly in murine embryos
Kenyon, Haley Linnell MSc 2013 Song in a hybrid zone between Townsend‰۪s (Setophaga townsendi) and black-throated green (S. virens) warblers
Kharouba, Heather Marie PhD 2013 The influence of spatial and temporal climate variation on species' distributions, phenologies and interactions
Lee-Yaw, Julie Anne PhD 2013 Understanding parapatric range limits in the long-toed salamander, Ambystoma macrodactylum
Li, Taosui MSc 2013 The molecular mechanism of Additional sex combs (Asx) in hsp70 transcriptional repression
McKenzie, Jessica Lauren PhD 2013 Genetic characterization of a hybrid zone in killifish (Fundulus heteroclitus) : evidence for assortative mating or selection against hybrids
Noble, Virginia Rose MSc 2013 The effects of tropical forest fragmentation and land use on leaf litter decomposition and nutrient cycling
Reyes, Catalina PhD 2013 Peripheral arterial chemoreceptors and their role in cardio-respiratory control
Schick, Alana MSc 2013 Adaptation in Escherichia coli : ecological and genetic constraints on diversification
Stafl, Natalie L MSc 2013 Quantifying the effect of hiking disturbance on American pika (Ochotona princeps) foraging behaviour
Stegeman, Amelia Gwen MSc 2013 A three-dimensional digital brain atlas and stereotaxic coordinates for the Anna‰۪s Hummingbird, Calypte anna
Verhille, Christine Elizabeth PhD 2013 Oxygen supply in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and its ecological impacts : an investigation of poor triploid performance
Villette, Petra Mary Anne Hobson MSc 2013 Estimating population densities of Peromyscus maniculatus, Clethrionomys rutilus, Lepus americanus, and Tamiasciurus hudsonicus using remote cameras in the boreal forest of Yukon Territory, Canada.
Wakeman, Kevin C. PhD 2013 Species discovery and evolutionary history of marine gregarine apicomplexans
Whippo, Ross Douglas Byron MSc 2013 Seagrass epifaunal communities of Barkley Sound : epifaunal diversity varies across small spatial and temporal scales
Yau, Monica M. MSc 2013 Hybridization in western trout : spatial variation and the role of environmental factors
Atwood, Elizabeth Marie MSc 2012 Assessing the physiological status of northern fur seal populations in North America using fecal hormones
Biery, Leah Elisabeth MSc 2012 Using shark catch data to estimate the magnitude and global distribution of the shark fin trade
Breglia, Susana Alicia PhD 2012 Contributions to the ultrastructural diversity and molecular phylogeny of phagotrophic euglenids and their episymbionts
Bryan, Meaghan Darcy PhD 2012 Management procedure evaluation of a data-limited multispecies fishery with application to the Hawaiian bottomfish fishery
Caldwell, Iain Robertson PhD 2012 Habitat use, movement, and vulnerability of sedentary fishes in a dynamic world
Casselman, Matthew Thomas MSc 2012 Maximum heart rate as a means of rapidly estimating optimal temperature for aerobic scope in salmon : its potential for application
Chavez Steenbock, Ana Luisa MSc 2012 Cross presentation of oral antigens for induction of CD8‰¼ T cell responses
Chudnow, Rachel MSc 2012 In search of effective management : case study of the British Columbia Dungeness crab (Cancer magister) fishery and lessons from domestic and international experience
Crossman, Carla Anne MSc 2012 Population structure in harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) of British Columbia and widespread hybridization in cetaceans
Cuke, Melissa Erin MSc 2012 Losses of rare forest invertebrates and divergent rates of litter decomposition under different land uses
CÌÁrdenas-Alayza, Susana MSc 2012 Prey abundance and population dynamics of South American fur seals (Arctocephalus australis) in Peru
Dalziel, Anne Cecilia PhD 2012 The evolution of swimming capacity among migratory and non-migratory populations of the threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus)
FitzJohn, Richard Gareth PhD 2012 What drives biological diversification? detecting traits under species selection
Fortune, Sarah Marie Elizabeth MSc 2012 North Atlantic right whale growth and energetics
Gerstein, Aleeza C. PhD 2012 A characterization of adaptive mutations in yeast
Guevara, Jennifer Carlota PhD 2012 Ecological correlates and community-wide consequences of spider sociality
Li, Lingbo PhD 2012 Harbour seals, transgenic coho salmon and euphausiids : food dynamics in the Strait of Georgia, British Columbia
Maclean, Janet Elizabeth MSc 2012 Interacting effects of multiple herbivore guilds on the fitness and demography of a savanna tree.
McAdam, Donald Steven Osborne PhD 2012 Diagnosing causes of white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) recruitment failure and the importance of substrate condition to yolksac larvae survival
Meldrum, Gennifer Eileen MSc 2012 Interactive effects of dispersal rate and disturbance synchrony on microarthropod diversity at multiple spatial scales : rescue effects do not increase regional richness
Moore, Jean-S̩bastien PhD 2012 Patterns and consequences of dispersal for Arctic Char (Pisces: Salvelinus alpinus) from the Canadian Arctic
Ng, Tsz Lui Michelle MSc 2012 Characterizing the expression profile of angiogenic proteins after acute spinal cord injury
Nordstrom, Chad Andrew MSc 2012 Habitat selection by foraging northern fur seals : assessing in-situ ocean temperature and links to Oceanographic features in the Eastern Bering Sea
Paleczny, Michelle MSc 2012 An analysis of temporal and spatial patterns in global seabird abundance during the modern industrial era, 1950-2010, and the relationship between global seabird decline and marine fisheries catch
Porteus, Cosima Sandra PhD 2012 Time domains of the cardio-respiratory response in bowfin (Amia calva) and implications for cardio-respiratory control in fish
Ramer, Leanne Margaret PhD 2012 Peripheral plasticity after spinal cord injury and ramifications for cardiovascular function
Rechsteiner, Erin Ursula MSc 2012 Resting metabolism, energetics, and seasonal distribution of Pacific white-sided dolphins
Roberts, Brent Warren William MSc 2012 Stimulation and production of 11-deoxycortisol in the stress response of lamprey
Scott, Mark Adam MSc 2012 Performance of wild and domestic strains of diploid and triploid rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in response to environmental challenges
Sparmann, Sarah Franziska MSc 2012 Contributions to the molecular phylogeny, phylogeography, and taxonomy of scyphozoan jellyfish
Speers-Roesch, Ben PhD 2012 Hypoxia tolerance in fishes : cardiorespiratory performance and metabolism
Stephens, Andrea Elizabeth Alice PhD 2012 Distributions and interactions of insect herbivores as influences on host plant density and performance
Warner, Adam Dennis PhD 2012 The role of PXL-1 and CPNA-1 in the organization of muscle adhesion complexes in Caenorhabditis elegans muscle
Xie, Xiaojun PhD 2012 Multiple roles for integrins in Drosophila glial development
Yao, Lili MSc 2012 Hypoxia tolerance and anaerobic capacity in Danio and Devario
Young, Joanne Alison PhD 2012 The creation of an avian vaccine for West Nile virus
Zhang, Junxia PhD 2012 Phylogeny and systematics of the jumping spider subfamily Euophryinae (Araneae : Salticidae), with consideration of biogeography and genitalic evolution
van Poorten, Brett Theodore PhD 2012 Effects of interspecific competition on recruitment processes for rainbow trout in simple two fish-species lakes
Ben-Zvi, Micha MSc 2011 Katsuwonus pelamis : a case study in thunniform propulsion
Blachford, Alistair M. PhD 2011 Five studies in life history evolution
Charish, Kristi PhD 2011 An unconventional role for the septate junctions and Gliotactin in cell division
Conneely, Bridget Pauline MSc 2011 Resource use by reintroduced large African herbivores in an altered landscape
Eliason Parsons, Erika Jennifer PhD 2011 Cardiorespiratory physiology and temperature tolerance among populations of sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka)
Gallagher, Zoë Sydney Wilson MSc 2011 The development of salinity tolerance in juvenile pink salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha)
Hall, Anna Marie PhD 2011 Foraging behaviour and reproductive season habitat selection of northeast pacific porpoises
Hui, Tabitha Cheng Yee MSc 2011 Steller sea lions and fisheries : competition at sea?
Ingram, Stephanie Robin MSc 2011 Ecological implications of flow-mediated scour events for sockeye salmon alevins (Oncorhynchus nerka)
Ingram, Travis PhD 2011 Evolution of the trophic niche and food web structure
Jordan, Crispin Yves PhD 2011 Studies investigating evolutionary transitions in plant reproduction
Lee, Stella Yim Jung MSc 2011 Measuring the oxidative cost of breathing : a comparison of methods using red-eared sliders (Trachemys scripta elegans)
M'Gonigle, Leithen K. PhD 2011 Multi-species interactions and the evolution of biological systems
Machtaler, Steven Brian Alfred PhD 2011 The role of BCR signalling and the gap junction protein Cx43 in B lymphocyte cytoskeletal rearrangements
Magnuson-Ford, Karen MSc 2011 Exploring the relationship between trait evolution and the generation of species diversity
Markel, Russell Wayne PhD 2011 Rockfish recruitment and trophic dynamics on the west coast of Vancouver Island : fishing, ocean climate, and sea otters
Mee, Jonathan Alan PhD 2011 Understanding the coexistence of sperm-dependent asexual species and their sexual hosts : the role of biogeography, mate choice, and relative fitness in the Phoxinus eos-neogaeus (Pisces: Cyprinidae) system
Nowosad, Damon M. MSc 2011 The phylogeography and conservation of the brassy minnow, Hybognathus hankinsoni
O'Donnell, Kerrie Patricia PhD 2011 Uniting historic perspectives, human behaviour, and habitat use to assess the future for overfished seahorses
Perkins, Jaryn Daniel MSc 2011 Comparison of fosmid libraries made from two geographic isolates of Caenorhabditis elegans
Pinto, Sheldon James Dominick MSc 2011 On the filtration mechanisms and oral anatomy of lunge-feeding baleen whales
Samuk, Kieran Mikhail MSc 2011 Sociality in cobweb spiders (Anelosimus spp.) : evolutionary consequences and the role of pre-existing traits
Siegle, Matthew Ray MSc 2011 Population structure of yelloweye rockfish (Sebastes ruberrimus) driven by limited dispersal and selection
Southcott, Laura MSc 2011 Components of premating reproductive isolation in threespine stickleback
Vergara, Valeria PhD 2011 Acoustic communication and vocal learning in belugas (Delphinapterus leucas)
Ahrens, Robert Norman Matthew PhD 2010 A global analysis of apparent trends in abundance and recruitment of large tunas and billfishes inferred from Japanese longline catch and effort data
Baker, Daniel William PhD 2010 Physiological responses associated with aquatic hypercarbia in the CO2-tolerant white sturgeon, Acipenser transmontanus
Barrett, Rowan Douglas Hilton PhD 2010 The genetics of adaptation in stickleback
Brelsford, Alan PhD 2010 Hybridization and speciation in the Yellow-rumped Warbler complex
Chan, Keith MSc 2010 Steady swimming in the pufferfish Diodon holocanthus : propulsive momentum enhancement is an adaptation for thrust production in undulatory median and/or paired fin swimmers
Cohen, Sarah PhD 2010 Nuclear entry of the parvovirus minute virus of mice
Corbett, Carla M. MSc 2010 The mystery of the whelk egg capsule protein : electrospinning, mechanical testing, and being outsmarted by an invertebrate
Cox, Georgina Kimberly MSc 2010 Anoxic survival and cardiovascular responses of the pacific hagfish, Eptatretus stoutii
Crim, Ryan Nathanial MSc 2010 Effects of ocean acidification on different life history stages of northern abalone (Haliotis kamtschatkana)
Dalla Rosa, Luciano PhD 2010 Modeling the foraging habitat of humpback whales
Deane, Thomas James MSc 2010 Environmental and biotic influences on the abundance and distribution of an introduced grass species : implications for management in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia
Donker, Scott A. MSc 2010 Arctic ground squirrels in the Southwest Yukon Territory : evidence for habitat specific demography and source-sink dynamics
Gaudet, Andrew David PhD 2010 Role of galectin-1 in sensory neuron development and peripheral nerve repair
Haakons, Kristen Leigh MSc 2010 Oxygen-limited thermal tolerance in hybrid killfish, Fundulus heteroclitus
Inskip, Jessica Ann MSc 2010 Cardiovascular and metabolic function after thoracic spinal cord injury
Lau, Gigi Yik Chee MSc 2010 The role of AMP-activated protein kinase in initiating metabolic rate suppression in goldfish hepatocytes
Lee, Jae Ho MSc 2010 Pharmacological neuroprotection in cervical spinal cord injury
Ormond, Chad Indar MSc 2010 Environmental determinants of threespine stickleback species pair evolution and persistence
Rechisky, Erin Leanne PhD 2010 Migration and survival of juvenile spring Chinook salmon and sockeye salmon determined by a large-scale telemetry array
Rummer, Jodie Lynn PhD 2010 A novel mechanism for enhancing tissue oxygen delivery in teleost fishes
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