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Computer Labs

The Zoology Computing Unit runs two teaching labs: StatsLab, and a mobile lab; and two homework/research labs: Zoolab, and Gradlab.


This is a 20-seat Windows lab, bookable for computer-requiring courses.

the Mobile lab (AKA Weapon of Mass Instruction)

This is a cart containing 20 Mac iBooks, which can be deployed in any room within the Biosciences/Biodiversity complexes. It is useful for the occasional computer-requiring course segment, and for courses in time-conflict with Statslab-using courses.


Zoolab is a homework lab for undergrads in the Faculty of Science, as part of the GASCOL collection of labs. It is not bookable for teaching. It contains 21 Macs and a printer.


All people with memberships to the Zoology Computing Unit can use this lab for homework or research. It contains 6 Macs, which are also rigged to run Windows. Machines in the room have copies of some more expensive software packages, a slide scanner, good flatbed scanner, paper-to-PDF scanner, and other goodies.
Last updated 20 June 2012