Seminar Series

Geoffrey G.E. Scudder Lecture


Professor G.G.E. Scudder taught entomology at the University of British Columbia for over forty years until his retirement in 1999. During the course of his career he inspired thousands of undergraduate students and contributed to the training of well over one hundred graduate students. In the year of his retirement an endowment was created to honour the contributions made by Professor Scudder throughout his career. Interest accrued by the endowment is used to support an annual lecture (The G.G.E. Scudder Lecture in Entomology) by a prominent entomologist, exposing students, faculty and guests to major research accomplishments and worldwide expertise in entomology.

This lecture series supercedes the G.J. Spencer Memorial Lecture in Entomology, held annually from 1967 through 1999. Professor Spencer was the first professor of entomology at U.B.C.; Professor Scudder was his successor and presented the final lecture in the series.
The G.G.E. Scudder Lecture in Entomology is hosted by the Faculty of Land and Food Systems and held annually in the fall term. The inaugural lecture in the series was held in October, 2001.

Previous G.G.E. Scudder Lecturers:

2001/02, Dr. Marc J. Klowden (Univ. of Idaho), "Thinking like a mosquito: the physiological control of behaviour"

2002/03, Dr. Peter W. Price (Univ. of Arizona), "Macroevolutionary Theory on Macroecological Patterns: Distribution, Abundance and Population Dynamics"

2003/04, Dr. Penny Gullan (Univ. of California, Davis), "The Biology and Evolution of Scale Insects"

2004/05, Prof. May Berenbaum (Univ. of Illinois), "Gut reactions - how insects eat plants"

2005/06, Dr. Naomi E. Pierce (Harvard Univ.), "Ants and the evolution of blue butterflies"

2006/07, Prof. Walter S. Leal (Univ. of California, Davis), "Bug's life in the fast lane: Rapid binding, release & inactivation of pheromones"
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