Research Facilities

Malcolm Knapp Research Forest

The Malcolm Knapp Research Forest is a major facility of the University available to students for field research in terrestrial and freshwater biology. Operated by the Faculty of Forestry and available to all University researchers, the Forest occupies nearly 5,200 hectares of forested mountainous terrain near Maple Ridge, B.C., about 65 km east of the University.

The Knapp Research Forest contains a wide variety of habitats and organisms typical of the oligotrophic soils, streams, and lakes of the coastal coniferous rainforest. Terrestrial habitats range from recent clear to old-growth stands at elevations from 100-800 metres. Wildlife species are fully protected with deer, black bear, snowshoe hare, beaver, coyote, and grouse being common. Low-nutrient streams, ponds, lakes, and bogs support amphibious and aquatic organisms, including several species of trout, salmon, and other fishes.

Both pure and applied research questions are encouraged by the Forest administration. Studies at genetical, physiological, ecological, and evolutionary levels are promoted, including manipulative studies that disturb natural conditions.
Last updated 28 April 2006