Research Facilities

Zoology Computing Unit

The department has 5 computer rooms to provide faculty and grad students with access to UNIX, Macintosh, and IBM-compatible ("Wintel") computers. In addition, there is a lab of Wintel machines used for teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, and a Macintosh lab that is open to all Faculty of Science undergrads. The Zoology Computing Unit (ZCU) has overall responsibility for departmental computing facilities. It runs the computer rooms, maintains the office computers, and assists with troubleshooting, upgrades and purchases for all computers in the department.

All students have access to e-mail and the web for free, as long as they sign on from locations other than the shared departmental computer rooms (such as a research lab or office). This free access is available either through the ZCU or the University Computing Services. Hands-on use of all departmental computing resources costs each user a $100 annnual contribution, which is usually paid by the thesis supervisor.
Last updated 28 April 2006