Research Facilities

Zoology Computing Unit

The Zoology Computing Unit is responsible for building and maintaining the computing infrastructure needed for the research, teaching and administration functions of the department. Services offered by the ZCU include: email, printing (including posters), file serving, automatic backups for personal computers, flexible web hosting, shared equipment/software, equipment loan, consulting/advice, a computer cluster for large RAM-requiring jobs (usually genomics) and a set of servers for simulations. "Gradlab" is our principal shared-equipment room, "Zoolab" is a 20- seat Mac lab for undergraduates to do homework, "Statslab" is a 20-seat PC lab for teaching, and our "Weapon of Mass Instruction" is a cart with 20 laptops which can be deployed in any classroom. The 3 ZCU staff are: Alistair Blachford (ZCU Manager), Andy LeBlanc (Lab Systems Administrator), and Richard Sullivan (Core Systems Administrator). The ZCU webpage is here.

All students have access to e-mail and the web for free, as long as they sign on from locations other than the shared departmental computer rooms. This free access is available either through the ZCU or the University Computing Services. Hands-on use of all departmental computing resources costs each user a $100 annual contribution (membership), which is usually paid by the thesis supervisor, and includes extras such as printing, personal website, backup service, cloud storage, and access to the cluster and compute servers.
Last updated 28 April 2006