Research Facilities

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

Located on the west coast of Vancouver Island (Barkley Sound) the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre undertakes research and teaching in all aspects of marine biological sciences. Situated on 75 hectares of waterfront property adjacent to a diverse range of high quality marine environments, the Marine Sciences Centre is the only facility of its kind on the outer coast between Oregon and Alaska.

Facilities include well-serviced laboratories with an excellent seawater system, a 12-metre research vessel, excellent scuba-support facilities, stores, a museum, lecture rooms, teaching laboratories, and shop facilities. On-site food and housing services are available year-round. The station library includes more than 6,000 volumes, 70 current journals, and a 30,000-piece reprint collection. Titles of publications based on work done at Bamfield are available as a publication list (currently more than 650 titles). Species lists of marine plants, invertebrates,and fish collected in the vicinity of the station are also available on request.

Current research includes work on plankton biology, neurophysiology, environmental and biochemical physiology of fish and invertebrates; ecology and behaviour of invertebrates, fish, and birds; intertidal ecology, marine plant ecology; plus several aquaculture projects on marine plants and shellfish, including abalone.

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre facilities are available to scientists and technicians from the university community as well as private sector and government. Information regarding user fees, scientific support services, and reservations may be obtained from the Director or Research Coordinator.

Address: Bamfield, B.C. V0R 1B0
Telephone: (250) 728-3301
Fax: (250) 728-3452
Last updated 28 April 2006