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  1. Jefferies, W.A., G. Kolaitis & R. 1993.. The Interferon-gamma induced recognition of the antigen processing variant CMT.64 by cytolytic T cells can be replaced by sequential addition of B2-microglobulin and antigenic peptides. J. Immunol
  2. Matsuse, T., S. Hayashi, H. Keunnecke, W.A. Jefferies & J.C. Hogg. 1992. The Adenoviral early glycoprotein E1a but not the E3/19k gene is amplified in frozen lung tissue from patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Syndrome. J. Am. Physiol. 146: 177-184
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  5. Jefferies, W.A. & H.G. Burgert. 1990. E3 link from adenovirus 2 is an immunosubversive protein that binds to a structural motif regulating the intracellular transport of major histocompatibility complex class I proteins. J. Exp. Med. 172: 1653-1664
  6. Jefferies, W.A. 1988. Hemopoietic and T-lymphocyte marker antigens of the rat characterized with monoclonal antibodies. Differentiation Antigens in Lymphohemopoietic Tissues, M. Miyasaka & A. Trnka (eds.) Immunology Series No. 38 Marcel Dekker, New York pp. 173-247
  7. Jefferies, W.A., U. Ruther, E.F. Wagner & S. Kvist. 1988. Cytolytic T cells recognize a chimeric MHC Class I antigen in influenzae A infected transgenic mice. EMBO Journal 7: 3423-3431