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  1. Yangfan Zhang, Florian Mauduit, Anthony P. Farrell, Denis Chabot, H?l?ne Ollivier, Adrien Rio-Cabello, St?phane Le Floch, Guy Claireaux. 2017. Exposure of European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) to chemically dispersed oil has a chronic residual effect on hypoxia tolerance but not aerobic scope. Link »
  2. Yangfan Zhang, Matthew J.H. Gilbert. 2017. Comment on ‘Measurement and relevance of maximum metabolic rate in fishes by Norin & Clark (2016)’. Journal of Fish Biology Accepted
  3. Yangfan Zhang, Gerrit Timmerhaus, Katja Anttila, Florian Mauduit, Sven Martin Jørgensen, Torstein Kristensen, Guy Claireaux, Harald Takle, Anthony P. Farrell. 2016. Domestication compromises athleticism and respiratory plasticity in response to aerobic exercise training in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). 79-88