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  1. Baliga, V. B., C. J. Law. 2016. Cleaners among wrasses: Phylogenetics and evolutionary patterns of cleaning behavior within Labridae. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 94A, 424-435 Link »
  2. Baliga, V. B., R. S. Mehta. 2016. Ontogenetic Allometry in Shape and Flexibility Underlies Life History Patterns of Labrid Cleaning Behavior. Integrative and Comparative Biology 56:3, 416-427 Link »
  3. Bryce, C. M., V. B. Baliga, K. L. De Nesnera, D. Fiack, K. Goetz, L. M. Tarjan, C. Wade, V. Yovovich, S. Baumgart, D. G. Bard, D. Ash, I. M. Parker, G. S. Gilbert. 2016. Exploring Models in the Biology Classroom. The American Biology Teacher 78:1, 35-42 Link »
  4. Baliga, V. B., R. S. Mehta. 2015. Linking Cranial Morphology to Prey Capture Kinematics in Three Cleaner Wrasses: Labroides dimidiatus, Larabicus quadrilineatus, and Thalassoma lutescens. Journal of Morphology 276, 1377–91 Link »
  5. Baliga, V. B., R. S. Mehta. 2014. Scaling patterns inform ontogenetic transitions away from cleaning in Thalassoma wrasses. The Journal of Experimental Biology 217, 3597-3606 Link »