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  1. Stiller, K., Vanselow, K., Moran, D., Riesen, G., Koppe, W., Dietz, C., & Schulz, C.. 2017. The effect of diet, temperature and intermittent low oxygen on the metabolism of rainbow trout. British Journal of Nutrition, 1-12. doi:10.1017/S0007114517000472.
  2. Stiller, K.T., Vanselow, K.H., Moran, D., Bojens, G., Voigt, W., Meyer, S. and C. Schulz. 2015. The effect of carbon dioxide on growth and metabolism in juvenile turbot Scophthalmus maximus L.. Aquaculture 444: 143-150.
  3. Dietz, C., Stiller, K.T., Griese, M., Schulz, C. and A. Susenbeth. 2013. Influence of salinity on energy metabolism in juvenile turbot (Psetta maxima). Aquaculture Nutrition 19: 135-150.
  4. Stiller, K.T., Moran, D., Vanselow, K.H., Marxen, K., Wuertz, S. and C. Schulz. 2013. A novel respirometer for online detection of metabolites in aquaculture research: evaluation and first applications. Aquacultural Engineering 55: 23-31