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  1. Ngai, JT*, KR Kirby*, B Gilbert*, BM Starzomski*, AJD Pelletier, JCR Conner. Accepted. The impact of land-use change on larval insect communities: testing the role of habitat elements in conservation. Ecoscience (*contributed equally)
  2. Gruner, DS, JE Smith, EW Seabloom, SA Sandin, JT Ngai, H Hillebrand, WS Harpole, JJ Elser, EE Cleland, MES Bracken, ET Borer, BM Bolker. 2008. A cross-system synthesis of consumer and nutrient resource control on producer biomass. Ecology Letters 11: 740-755
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  6. Srivastava, DS, MC Melnychuk, JT Ngai. 2005. Landscape variation in the larval density of a bromeliad-dwelling damselfly, Mecistogaster modesta Selys, in a Costa Rican rainforest. International Journal of Odonatology 8: 67-79
  7. Ngai, JT, RL Jefferies. 2004. Nutrient limitation of plant growth and forage quality in Arctic coastal marshes. Journal of Ecology 92: 1001-1010