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  1. Osmond MM, Barbour MA, Bernhardt JR, Pennell MW, Sunday JM, O'Connor MI. 2017. Warming-induced changes to body size stabilize consumer-resource dynamics. The American Naturalist 189: 718-725
  2. Osmond MM, Otto SP, Klausmeier CA. 2017. When predators help prey adapt and persist in a changing environment. The American Naturalist 190: 83-98
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  5. Osmond MM, de Mazancourt C. 2013. How competition affects evolutionary rescue. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 368(1610): 20120085 Link »
  6. Osmond, MM, Reudink M, Marra P, Germain R, Nocera J, Boag P, Ratcliffe L. 2013. Carotenoid-based female plumage is correlated with age, reproductive behavior and mate color in the American Redstart. Canadian Journal of Zoology 91: 589-595 Link »