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  1. Marshall, K. E. & Baltzer, J. L.. 2014 (in press). Decreased competitive interactions drive a reverse species richness latitudinal gradient in sub-Arctic forests. Ecology Link »
  2. Marshall, K. E., & Sinclair, B. J.. 2014 (in press). The relative importance of number, duration, and intensity of cold stress events in determining survival and energetics of an overwintering insect. Functional Ecology Link »
  3. Marshall, K.E., Thomas, R. H., Roxin, Á., Chen, E. K.Y., Brown, J.C.L., Gillies, E. R., & Sinclair, B. J. 2014. Seasonal accumulation of acetylated triacylglycerols by a freeze-tolerant insect. Journal of Experimental Biology. 217, 1580-1587 Link »
  4. Sinclair, B.J., Stinziano, J.R., Williams, C. M., MacMillan, H.A., Marshall, K.E., and Storey, K.B. 2013. Real-time measurement of metabolic rate during freezing and thawing of the wood frog, Rana sylvatica: Implications for overwinter energy use. Journal of Experimental Biology. 216, 292-302 Link »
  5. Brown, J.C.L., Marshall, K.E., Fieldes, M.A. & Staples, J. F. 2012. Differences in tissue concentrations of hydrogen peroxide in the roots and cotyledons of annual and perennial species of flax (Linum) and the mechanisms responsible. Botany. 90, 1015-1027 Link »
  6. Marshall, K.E. & Sinclair, B.J. 2012. The impacts of repeated cold exposure in insects. Journal of Experimental Biology. 215, 1607-1613 Link »
  7. Marshall, K.E. & Sinclair, B.J. 2012. Threshold temperatures mediate the impact of reduced snow cover on overwintering freeze tolerant caterpillars. Naturwissenschaften 99, 33-41 Link »
  8. Williams, C.M., Marshall, K.E., MacMillan, H.A., Dzurisin, J.D.K., Hellmann, J.J. & Sinclair, B.J. 2012. Thermal variability increases the impact of autumnal warming and drives metabolic suppression in an overwintering butterfly. PLoS ONE. 7, e34470 Link »
  9. Marshall, K.E. & Sinclair, B.J. 2011. The sub-lethal effects of repeated freezing in the woolly bear caterpillar Pyrrharctia isabella. Journal of Experimental Biology 214, 1205-1212 Link »
  10. Williams, C.M., Thomas, R.H., MacMillan, H.A., Marshall, K.E. & Sinclair, B.J. 2011. Triacylglyceride measurement in small quantities of homogenised insect tissue: comparisons and caveats. Journal of Insect Physiology. 57, 1602-1613 Link »
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  12. Bazinet, A., Marshall, K.E., MacMillan, H.A., Williams, C.M., Sinclair, B.J. 2010. Rapid changes in desiccation resistance in Drosophila melanogaster are facilitated by changes in cuticular permeability. Journal of Insect Physiology. 56, 2006-2012 Link »
  13. MacAlpine, J.L.P., Marshall, K. E. & Sinclair, B.J. 2010. The effects of CO2 and chronic cold exposure on fecundity of female Drosophila melanogaster. Journal of Insect Physiology. 57, 35-37 Link »
  14. Marshall, K.E. & Sinclair, B.J. 2010. Repeated cold exposure results in a survival-reproduction tradeoff in Drosophila melanogaster. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 277, 963-969 Link »
  15. Strachan, L.A., Tarnowski-Garner, H.E., Marshall, K.E., & Sinclair, B.J. 2010. The evolution of cold tolerance in Drosophila. Physiological Biochemistry & Zoology. 84, 43-53 Link »