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  1. Hughes, A. R., and K. E. Lotterhos. in press. Genotypic diversity at multiple spatial scales in the foundation marsh species, Spartina alterniflora . Marine Ecology Progress Series
  2. Lotterhos, K. E., S. J. Dick and D. R. Haggarty. in press. Evaluation of Rockfish Conservation Area networks in the US and Canada relative to the dispersal distance for black rockfish (Sebastes melanops<\em>). Evolutionary Applications
  3. Travis, J. and K. E. Lotterhos. 2013. Using experiments and models to untangle direct and indirect effects in a ”simple” food web: is there hope for understanding fishery systems? Bulletin of Marine Science
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  7. Lotterhos, K. E. 2011. The context-dependent effect of multiple paternity on effective population size (Ne). Evolution 65(6): 1693-1706 Link »
  8. Reuter, K. E, K. E. Lotterhos, R. N. Crim, C. A. Thompson, and C. D. G. Harley. 2011. Ocean acidification increases sperm limitation and risk of polyspermy in the red sea urchin Strongylocentrotus franscicanus. Global Change Biology 17: 163-171 Link »
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