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  1. Kharouba, H.M., and Kerr, J.T. 2010. Just passing through: Global change and the conservation of biodiversity in protected areas. Biological Conservation 143:1094-1011
  2. Algar, A.C., Kharouba, H.M., Young, E.R., and Kerr, J.T. 2009. Predicting the future of species diversity: macroecological theory, climate change, and direct tests of alternate forecasting methods. Ecography 32:22-33
  3. Kharouba, H.M., Algar, A.C. and Kerr, J.T. 2009. Historically calibrated predictions of butterfly species’ range shift using global change as a pseudo-experiment. Ecology 90:2213-2222
  4. Kerr, J.T., Kharouba, H.M., and Currie, D.J. 2007. The macroecological contribution to global change solutions. Science 316:1581-1584