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  1. Ja-Kyeong Kim, Jung-Hyun Lee, Nam-Yong Ra, Heon-Ju Lee, Junho Eom, and Daesik Park. 2009. Reproductive Function of the Body and Tail Undulations of Hynobius leechii (Amphibia: Hynobiidae): A Quantitative Approach. 13: 71-78 JunhoEom_PDF_1.pdf
  2. Junho Eom, Young Rim Jung, Daesik Park. 2009. F-series prostaglandin function as sex pheromones in the Korean salamander, Hynobius leechii. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part A 61-69 Link »  | JunhoEom_PDF_2.pdf
  3. Daesik Park, Jung-Hyun Lee, Nam-Yong Ra, and Junho Eom. 2008. Male Salamanders Hynobius leechii Respond to Water Vibrations via the Mechanosensory Lateral Line System. 42: 615-625 JunhoEom_PDF_3.pdf
  4. Lee, Jung-Hyun, Nam-Yong Ra, Junho Eom and Daesik Park. 2008. Population Dynamics of the Long-Tailed Clawed Salamander Larva, Onychodactylus fischeri, and Its Age Structure in Korea. 31: 31-36 JunhoEom_PDF_6.pdf
  5. Nam-Yong Ra, Ha-Cheol Sung, Seokwan Cheong, Jung-Hyun Lee, Junho Eom and Daesik Park. 2008. Habitat Use and Home Range of the EndangeredGold-Spotted Pond Frog (Rana chosenica). JunhoEom_PDF_5.pdf
  6. Eom Junho, Jung-Hyun Lee, Nam-Yong Ra and Daesik Park. 2007. Preferred Feeding Sites and Prey of the Adult Gold-spotted Frog, Rana plancyi chosenica. J. Ecol. Field Biol. 30: 357-361 JunhoEom_PDF_7.pdf
  7. Min-Ho Choi, Sae Hoon Kim, Jong-Hoon Chung, Hye-Jin Jang, Joon-Ho Eom, Byung-Suk Chung, Woon-Mok Sohn*, Jong-Yil Chai, and Sung-Tae Hong. 2006. MORPHOLOGICAL OBSERVATIONS OF ECHINOCHASMUS JAPONICUS CERCARIAE AND THE IN VITRO MAINTENANCE OF ITS LIFE CYCLE FROM CERCARIAE TO ADULTS. 92: 236-241 JunhoEom_PDF_8.pdf