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  1. Fong AY, Corcoran AE, Zimmer MB, Andrade DV, Milsom WK.. 2008. Respiratory rhythm of brainstem-spinal cord preparations: Effects of maturation, age, mass and oxygenation. Respir Physiol Neurobiol. 164:429-440 Fong_RespPhysNB_08.pdf
  2. Potts, J.T., Fong, A.Y., Anguelov, P.I., Lee, S., McGovern, D and Grias, I. 2007. Targeted Deletion of Neurokinin-1 Receptor Expressing Nucleus Tractus Solitarii Neurons Precludes Somatosensory Depression of Arterial Baroreceptor-Heart Rate Reflex. Neuroscience, 145: 1168-1181. Link »
  3. Fong, A.Y. and Potts, J.T. 2006. Neurokinin-1 receptor activation in Bötzinger Complex evokes bradypnea. Journal of Physiology (London) 575:869-885 Link »  | Fong_JPhysiol_06_print.pdf
  4. Fong, A. Y., Stornetta, R.L, Foley, C.M., and Potts, J.T. 2005. Immunohistochemical localization of GAD67 expressing neurons and processes in the rat brainstem: subregional distribution in the nucleus tractus solitarius. Journal of Comparative Neurology 493:274-290 Link »  | Fong_JCompNeurol_05.pdf
  5. Fong, A.Y., Krstew, E.V., Barden, J., Lawrence, A.J. 2002. Immunoreactive localisation of P2Y1 receptors within the rat and human nodose ganglia and rat brainstem: comparison with [33P]deoxyadenosine 5'-triphosphate autoradiography. Neuroscience 113(4):809-23 Fong_neurosci_02.pdf
  6. Fong, A.Y., Talman, W.T., Lawrence, A.J. 2000. Axonal transport of NADPH-diaphorase and [3H]nitro-L-arginine binding, but not [3H]cGMP binding, by the rat vagus nerve. Brain Research 878:240-6 Link »  | Fong_BrainRes_00.pdf