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  1. Muir, C.D., R.P. Hangarter, L.C. Moyle, P.A. Davis. 2014. Morphological and anatomical determinants of mesophyll conductance in wild relatives of tomato (Solanum sect. Lycopersicon and sect. Lycopersicoides). Plant, Cell & Environment Link »  | Muir_et_al_Accepted.pdf
  2. Muir, C.D.. 2013. How did the Swiss cheese plant get its holes? The American Naturalist 181:273-281 Muir_2013.pdf
  3. Hahn, M.W., B.J. White, C.D. Muir, N.J. Besansky. 2012. No evidence for biased co-transmission of speciation islands in Anopheles gambiae. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B. 367:374-384
  4. Moyle, L. C., C. D. Muir. 2010. Reciprocal insights into adaptation from agricultural and evolutionary studies in tomato. Evolutionary Applications 3: 409-421 Moyle_and_Muir_2010.pdf
  5. Moyle, L. C., C. D. Muir, M. V. Han, M. W. Hahn. 2010. The contribution of gene movement to the ‘Two Rules of Speciation’. Evolution 64:6 1541-1557
  6. Muir, C. D., L. C. Moyle. 2009. Antagonistic epistasis for ecophysiological trait differences between Solanum species. New Phytologist 183: 789-802 Muir_and_Moyle_2009.pdf