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  6. Fisher, C.L. Lee, I., Komljenovic, I., Bozza, S., Pineault, N. ,Bloyer, S., Brookes, C., Chevalier, J., Dahl, A, Helgason, C., Hess, J.L., Humphries, R.K., and Brock, H.W. 2010. Additional sex combs-like 1 belongs to the enhancer of trithorax and Polycomb Group and genetically interacts with Cbx2 in mice. Developmental Biology 337, 9-15
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  10. Kim, K, Choi, J., Kim, H. Levens, D., Kohno, K., Johnson, E.M., Brock, H.W., An, W. 2008. Isolation and characterization of a novel H1. 2 complex that acts as a repressor of p53-mediated transcription. J. Biol. Chem. 283, 9113-9126
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