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Villy Christensen

Associate Member

Office phone: 604-822-5751
Web page: Home page
Research area: Ecology
Lab Members: F. Couture, P. Woodruff
History: Cand. scient (Copenhagen), PhD (Copenhagen)

Dr Christensen specializes in ecosystem modelling—including data-driven ecosystem model construction, coupling of models integrating physical, biogeochemical and ecological components, and predicting impact of climate change . He is known for his work as a leader and developer of the Ecopath project, an open source ecosystem modelling software system widely used for ecosystem based management and increasingly for environmental impact assessment . His recent publications have described global ocean models, studied global fish biomass trends, and used habitat capacity models as part of the toolbox for predicting impact of climate change. See the Global Ocean Modelling website for an overview of projects, student activities, opportunities, and other..

Last updated 24 January 2019