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Villy Christensen

Associate Member

Office phone: 604-822-5751
Web page: Home page
Research area: Ecology
Lab Members: R. Chudnow, A. Greenberg, P. Woodruff
History: M.Sc. (Copenhagen); Ph.D (Royal Danish School of Pharmacy)

Villy Christensen is an ecosystem modeler with a background in fisheries research. His research focus has since 1990 been centered on understanding how human exploitation impacts marine ecosystems, and utilizes ecosystem modeling as the main tool. Dr Christensen has served as project leader for the development of the Ecopath approach and software, and has in this connection served as resource person at numerous international Ecopath workshops throughout the world. Through assisting scientists worldwide he has gained considerable knowledge on trophic dynamics of aquatic resources. He served until his recent recruitment to the Fisheries Centre, UBC, as program leader for the Fisheries Resources Assessment and Management Program of the International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management, Manila, Philippines.

Last updated 20 July 2016