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Jennifer Sunday

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Web page: My webpage
Research area: Ecology, Evolution
History: PhD, Simon Fraser University

Our world is changing faster than ever, posing new ecological challenges to organisms worldwide. My research focusses on how organisms and communities will respond to climate change, connecting three major domains of biology - organismal physiology, community ecology, and evolution. I aim to use classic principles and theory from these fields to push climate change ecology forward. I have worked towards this goal by advancing three interrelated research directions: (1) the biogeography of species’ physiology, (2) studying species’ range shifts under climate change, and (3) measuring evolutionary potential to cope with climate change.

At UBC I aim to study how species interactions will be modified by climate change. I hope to combine metabolic and food web theory to produce testable predictions on how competitive and trophic interactions will be modified in a warming climate. I also aim to be be a useful mentor for graduate students in the Biodiversity Research Centre, so stay tuned or come and find me!



Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution Early Career Award

For Research


Raymond B. Huey Award in Ecology and Evolution, Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, USA.

For Research


Best Talk, Second International Symposium on Effects of Climate Change on the World’s Oceans. Yeosu, Korea.

For Research


Outstanding Student Presentation Award, American Society of Limnology and Oceanography Ocean Sciences Meeting, Puerto Rico.

For Research


Graduate Student Award of Merit

For Research

Senior Women Academic Administrators of Canada

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