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Sravya Paluri

PhD. student

Web page: Lab page
Research area: Cell and Developmental Biology
Supervisor: V. Auld
History: PhD. Student at Auld lab (2016-Present)
MSc. in Biological Sciences at University of Cologne, Germany (2012-14)
BSc. (Hons.) in Microbiology and Biochemistry at St. Xavier's College, Mumbai University, India (2009-12)

In flies, the axons in peripheral nervous system are covered by 3 glial layer- Wrapping glia (WG), Sub-perineurial glia (SPG) and Perineurial glia (PG) provide support and nourishment. My PhD. project attempts to understand the intercellular communication between SPG and WG layer. SPG layer forms the blood-brain barrier, while the WG wraps individual axons. Understanding the communication between these glial layers in larvae will highlight the mechanism of gene regulation- ''Developmental neurobiology''

Last updated 12 November 2017