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Sarah (Sally) Otto

Full Professor, Zoology and Biodiversity Research Centre; Director, Liber Ero Fellowship Program

Office phone: 604-822-2778
Web page: Home page
Research area: Evolution
Lab Members: F. De Haas, E. Kleynhans, A. MacPherson, M. Osmond, L. Sandell, S. Watt, S. Zareyan
History: B.Sc. Stanford 1988; Ph.D. Stanford 1992

Understanding how evolution has led to the remarkable diversity of life is the key motivating force behind my research. Mathematical models allow us to determine which evolutionary transitions are plausible, which are probable, and which are impossible. In particular, we have been using models to investigate the evolution of:
  • Genomic architectures - How do recombination rates/mutation rates evolve? How do chromosomes evolve?
  • Ploidy levels - When are haploid or diploid life cycles favored by evolution?
  • Mating systems - How does the mode of reproduction evolve?
In addition to mathematical modeling, my research group carries out experimental evolution with yeast and plants, as well as comparative data analysis, resulting in over 170 publications and a book. Current work focuses on the extent to which organisms can adapt to a changing world, and why they fail to do so.

I am also Director of the Liber Ero Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program (please see liberero.ca).



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Elected Fellow, Royal Society of Canada

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