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William K. Milsom

Professor Emeritus

Office phone: 604-822-2310
Web page: Home page
Research area: Comparative Physiology
Lab Member: Y. Dzal
History: BSc Hons (University of Alberta); MSc (University of Washington); PhD (University of British Columbia)

Work in my lab is directed at determining the physiological basis of biodiversity in vertebrates. What are the physiological adaptations that individual species possess that allow them to live in different environments? In particular we study respiratory, cardiovascular, thermoregulatory and metabolic adaptations for life in environments with low / high levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature, food and water. We are particularly interested in the neural control of these processes and their function in unanesthetized, freely behaving animals.



2009 August Krogh Distinguished Lectureship

For Research

The August Krogh Distinguished Lectureship of the American Physiology Society's Comparative and Evolutionary Section is awarded to a distinguished scientist who has made major and meritorious contributions to the scientific areas represented by the APS Comparative and Evolutionary Physiology Section. * It is the most prestigious award of the section. The awardee will deliver an honorary award lecture at EB and will be recognized at the Comparative and Evolutionary Physiology Section Luncheon and Business Meeting at the EB meeting Read more »

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