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Pamela Kalas

Senior Instructor

Office phone: 604-822-3346
History: Lic.Biol., Dip.Biol., Universite de Geneve; PhD Genetics, UBC

Courses taught (past and present): BIOL121, BIOL140, BIOL234, BIOL334, BIOL335, BIOL337, BIOL463, SCIE001

Whether I am teaching a large first year lecture, a specialized upper-level seminar-style course, in a classroom or in a laboratory, my ultimate goals are to stimulate curiosity and critical thinking, and to help students become independent learners. As a scientist, I aim at adopting teaching practices that have been validated through rigorous evidence-based research. To educate myself about such practices, I regularly participate in science teaching and learning events, discussion groups, as well as education conferences and other off-campus professional development activities. I am always keen on experimenting with new activities and strategies in my classrooms, and I endeavor to assess how effective they are in enhancing students’ learning.
I have participated in the development of concept inventories (CIs) with the Biology Q4B group and been heavily involved in UBC's Flexible Learning Initiative. My current interests include incorporating Community-Based Experiential Learning projects in large classes (e.g. BIOL121) and investigating various aspects of students' perceptions of their own learning.

A note to students looking for a Directed Studies: I do not have a research program, so I can't offer you a BIOL448 lab position. I may be available for Biology Teaching & Learning - oriented projects.

Last updated 28 April 2017