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Darren Irwin


Office phone: 604-822-4357
Web page: Home page
Research area: Ecology, Evolution
Lab Members: K. Askelson, A. Geraldes, M. Ore, S. Wang
History: Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Tropical Research, University of California, Los Angeles (2003-2004); NSF International Research Fellow, Lund University, Sweden (2001-2002); Ph.D., University of California, San Diego (2000); B.S., Stanford University (1992)

Our research is directed toward understanding how new species arise, how geographical variation within species is produced, and how behaviors evolve. We study carefully chosen model systems using an integrative approach, employing techniques such as genomics, computer-assisted analysis of vocalizations, observation and experimentation in the field, and computer simulation. Research systems have included passerine birds in Asia, Europe, and North America.



Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies Early Career Scholar Award

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Just Desserts Award, UBC Alma Mater Society and UBC Graduate Student Association

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New Opportunities Fund Award, Canadian Foundation for Innovation.

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