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  1. Maddison, W.P. and Piascik, E.K 2014. Jerzego, a new hisponine jumping spider from Borneo (Araneae: Salticidae). Zootaxa 3852 (5): 569-578
  2. Piascik, E.K., Judge, K.A., Gwynne, D.T. 2010. Polyandry and tibial spur chewing in the Carolina ground cricket (Eunemobius carolinus). Canadian Journal of Zoology 88: 988-994 [ Link ]


Edyta K. Piascik


Lab phone: 604-827-5249
Web page: Home page, Lab page
Research area: Ecology, Evolution
Supervisor: W. Maddison
History: B.A., B.Sc.

Last updated 17 September 2015