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Alex deBruyn

MSc Student

Office phone: (604) 349-2906
Lab phone: (604) 349-2906
Research area: Ecology, Evolution
Supervisor: E. Taylor
History: BSc Biology 2014

I'm a biology student from the Yukon Territory, currently studying in the Taylor lab. I am passionate about ecology, and have a soft spot for fishes, insects, and all animals small and underappreciated. My undergraduate work focused on forest ecology and insects, particularly the biogeography of ichneumonid wasps, and my graduate work has revolved around the thermophilic lake chub that inhabit the Atlin Warm Springs in northern British Columbia. On the side, I am also researching an ongoing invasion of cherry shrimp proliferating in the very same habitat, hoping to learn whether or not they have the ability to invade the rest of the Yukon River basin.



ACUNS Northern Resident Scholarship

For Research

This is an award for a first year Master's student who is a long-term resident of northern Canada, supporting northern research and scholarship. Read more »

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