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Anne Dalziel


Office phone: 604-822-6759
Lab phone: 604-822-6759
Research area: Comparative Physiology, Evolution
Supervisor: P. Schulte
History: B.Sc. Acadia University (2001), M.Sc. Queen's University (2003)

An animal's capacity for locomotion can influence its ability to successfully perform a variety of ecologically important tasks (e.g. escaping from predators, attracting mates, reproducing), but we know very little about the mechanisms by which activity capacity evolves. For my PhD dissertation, I am studying the physiological and metabolic traits that are associated with differences in swimming capacity between non-migratory and migratory marine populations of the threespine stickleback. I am also testing to see if these traits have evolved in parallel in a number of independent stream-resident populations, which is suggestive of natural selection.



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