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  2. Porteus, C.S., D.L. Brink, W.K. Milsom In Press. Neurotransmitter profiles in fish gills: Putative gill oxygen chemoreceptors. Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology
  3. Porteus, C.S., Hedrick M.S., Hicks J.W., Wang T., and Milsom, W.K 2010. Time domains of the hypoxic ventilatory response in ectothermic vertebrates. Journal of Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry B 181: 311-333
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  5. Ciuhandu, C.S., P.A. Wright, J.I. Goldberg, E.D. Stevens 2007. Parameters influencing the dissolved oxygen in the boundary layer of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) embryos and larvae. Journal of Experimental Biology. 210: 1435-1445


Cosima Porteus


Office phone: 604 822-5799
Lab phone: 604 822-5990
Web page: home page, Lab page
Research area: Comparative Physiology
Supervisor: W. Milsom
History: 2004 BSC (Hons) University of Guelph, Marine and Freshwater Biology
2006 MSc University of Guelph, Animal Physiology



AXA Research Fund Post-Doctoral Fellowship

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2011-2012 Biology Graduate Student Teaching Award

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The Departments of Zoology and Botany recognise the outstanding teaching of Biology Graduate Student Teaching Assistants by creating two annual awards for Biology.


McLean Fraser Summer Research Fellowship

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UBC Zoology Travel Award

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Four Year Fellow

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