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Angélica L. González

Postdoctoral Fellow

Web page: My webpage, Srivastava's lab page
Research area: Ecology, Evolution
Supervisor: D. Srivastava
History: Ph.D. in Ecology. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile.

My research applies the framework of ecological stoichiometry (i.e., the study of the balance of multiple chemical substances in ecological interactions and processes) to explore how biodiversity affect, and is in turn affected by, the structure and functioning of ecosystems. My Ph.D. thesis sought to understand the role of nutrient inputs from fog on ecosystem structure and functioning, considering multiple organisms and trophic levels. My research includes stable isotope analysis as a tool for identifying nutrient sources and disentangling trophic pathways of energy and matter within ecosystems.

I am also interested in the effects of global environmental change on biogeochemical cycling. Of particular interest are the links between nutrient availability and stoichiometric constraints on invasive species, and the effects of biological invasions on pools and fluxes of elements within ecosystems. My research should help advance our understanding of the underlying mechanisms of consumer elemental stoichiometry, the stoichiometric constraints operating on consumer-resource interactions, and their influence on pools and fluxes of multiple chemical elements within ecosystems.

I have done additional research on the understanding of the influence of habitat structure on species diversity and conservation.



Gordon Research Conference Young Scientist Mentoring Program

For Research

Funding to participate in 2014 Gordon Research Conference: Unifying Ecology Across Scales: The Role of Nutrients, Metabolism, and Physiology. USA. Read more »


Postdoctoral Fellow Travel Award

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Travel Award. Carl Storm International Diversity Fellowship for the Metabolic Basis of Ecology Gordon Research Conference. USA.

For Research


Postdoctoral Research Fellowship FONDECYT-Chile

For Research


Honorable mention. Presentation at the Annual SWS meeting in Madison, WI. USA

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Travel Award. Nature Publishing Group (NPG) for the Metabolic Basis of Ecology Gordon Research Conference. USA.

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