Potential Supervisors

Cell Biology, Developmental Biology and Genetics

Abraham, Ninan
Auld, Vanessa J.
Brock, Hugh W.
Gordon, Michael
Matsuuchi, Linda
Mizumoto, Kota
Moerman, Donald G.
Panté, Nelly
Redfield, Rosemary
Snutch, Terry
Roskams, Jane

Li, Yue-Xian

Emeritus Faculty**
Grigliatti, Thomas A.

Associate Faculty*
Jefferies, Wilfred
O'Connor, Timothy


Angert, Amy
Doebeli, Michael
Irwin, Darren
Leander, Brian
Maddison, Wayne
Otto, Sarah P.
Parfrey, Laura Wegener
Pennell, Matthew
Schluter, Dolph
Taylor, Eric B.
Whitlock, Michael


Aviles, Leticia
Angert, Amy
Brodie, Jedediah
Harley, Chris
Jankowski, Jill
O'Connor, Mary
Parfrey, Laura Wegener
Srivastava, Diane

Emeritus Faculty**
Krebs, Charles J.
Myers, Judy E.
Sinclair, Anthony R.E.

Associate Faculty*
Richardson, John

Marine Mammals and Fisheries

Pauly, Daniel M.
Pitcher, Tony J.

Emeritus Faculty**
Walters, Carl J.

Associate Faculty*
Cheung, William
Christensen, Villy
McAllister, Murdoch
Trites, Andrew W.
Vincent, Amanda

Adjunct Faculty**
Barrett-Lennard, Lance
Ford, John

Physiology and Biomechanics

Altshuler, Douglas
Brauner, Colin
Farrell, Tony
Matthews, Philip
Milsom, William K.
Richards, Jeff
Schulte, Patricia M.
Shadwick, Robert

Emeritus Faculty**
Blake, Robert W.
Gosline, John M.

Associate Faculty*
Soma, Kiran

Adjunct Faculty**
Devlin, Robert H.

ICORD (Neurobiology)

Ramer, Matt
Steeves, John D.
Tetzlaff, Wolfram G.

Associate Faculty*
Kwon, Brian

* Associate Faculty can take on students through their home departments, or through Zoology.

** Adjunct/Emeritus Faculty can take on students but a co-supervisor must be in place before any recommendation for admission can be processed.

Note: Many faculty work in more than one area, however to avoid cross listing, each faculty member has been listed under one heading. Potential students should check individual websites for detailed information on actual areas of interest.