Living Here

Housing in Vancouver

A variety of accommodation is available for students, including on-campus apartments/studios, off-campus apartments, and shared house rentals in the area around the University. Some accommodation exists for married students with family.

On-campus housing

On Campus UBC Housing offers a wide range of on-campus housing for both single students and families.

If you are a Major Graduate Award Winner (NSERC, CIHR, etc.) the UBC Faculty of Graduate Studies will offer you assistance in your application to UBC Housing.

For further information, visit UBC Graduate Studies Housing

Off-campus housing

UBC campus is easy to get to by bike, car, or award-winning public transportation. Many graduate students live off campus in a variety of neighborhoods. The Alma Mater Society maintains a Rentsline for housing listings around Vancouver.

Bulletin boards around campus may help you locate shared or private off campus housing. The Vancouver Sun newspaper and Craigslist have sections that carry many rental listings. See also Off-campus Housing.