Graduate Courses

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(Note: not all courses are offered every year)


ZOOL 500 (3) Directed Studies in Zoology

Ecology and Evolution

ZOOL 502 (3) Skills and Concepts for Advanced Ecology
ZOOL 524 (3) Topics in Conservation Genetics
(Equivalency: CONS 501)
Alternate years - next offered January 2010
BIOL 509 (3) Population and Quantitative Genetics
BIOL 525 (3/6) Systematics and Evolution
BIOL 525A (3) Topics in Systematics and Evolution: Speciation
BIOL 525B 002 Evolution Discussion Group (EDG) Seminar (Not offered)
BIOL 548B (3) Advanced Topics in Biology - Quantitative Methods in Ecology and Evolution


ZOOL 553 (6) Workshop in Comparative and Environmental Physiology
ZOOL 554 (3) Topics in Comparative and Environmental Physiology
(Not offered)
ZOOL 503 (6) Advanced Comparative Physiology

Cell Biology

BIOL 530 (3) The Biology of the Cell
BIOL 537 (3) Topics in Biotechnology


BOTA 501 Seminar Studies in Botany
BOTA 502 Thesis Seminar
BOTA 512 Practical Marine Phytoplankton
BOTA 544 Plant Molecular Biology Lab.
(same as FRST 503/PLNT 540)


CHEM 516 Topics in Biophysical Chemistry


FISH 500 Issues in Fisheries - Research Seminars
FISH 501 Issues in Fisheries - Ecosystem Modelling
FISH 504/5 Quantitive Analysis of Fisheries I and II


FRST 500 Studies in Forest Tree Physiology
FRST 505 Advanced Studies in Forest Ecosystems
FRST 506 Advanced Forest Pathology
FRST 510 Applied Population Genetics
FRST 514 Seminar in Forest Biology
FRST 530 Multiple Regression Methods
FRST 531 Multiple variate statistical methods


MICB 502 Advanced Immunogenetics
MICB 505 Molecular Microbiology
MICB 506 Microbiological Research Procedures
MICB 507 Topics in Molecular Pathogenesis and Immunology
MICB 530 Seminar in Microbiology


NRSC 500 Comprehensive core course in Neuroscience Term 1
NRSC 501 Comprehensive core course in Neuroscience Term 2


PHIL 560A Philosophy of Science - The Darwinian Revolution

Resource Management

RMES 500 Resource and Environmental Workshop
RMES 501 Perspectives on Resources and Environment
RMES 502 Seminar on Resources and Environment


STAT 545 Data Analysis