Biodiversity Research Seminar Series

Spring 2017

Seminars @ 12.00 pm Beaty Biodiversity Museum auditorium


Cookies @ 11.30 am in the Beaty Biodiversity Centre atrium (thanks for the coffee!)

Note: please send pre-seminar announcements to
Sam Straus (
straus “at” zoology “dot”

To update title/speaker changes, please contact
Katie Beall (
brcadmin “at” biodiversity “dot”

Seminar organizers are Doug Altshuler, Diane Srivastava, and Brian Leander/b>

(link to seminars of previous years is here)


Spring 2017




Title of Talk

Host Lab


Jan. 11

Maurine Neimen

University of Iowa

CANCELED Sex in the Wild (and especially in New Zealand)


Jan. 18

Michael Desai

Harvard University

Evolutionary dynamics in rapidly adapting microbial populations



Jan. 25

Peter Wainwright

University of California, Davis

Conquering Coral Reefs: Innovation and Macroevolution in Labrid Fishes


Steph B., Greg O.

Feb. 1

Yeala Shaked

Interuniversity Inst. for Marine Sciences & Inst. of Earth Sciences, Hebrew University, Israel

Fishing iron from the ocean: phytoplankton uptake strategies


Gil H., Linnea S.

Feb. 8

Devi Stuart-Fox

University of Melbourne

Biodiversity Lecture - Animal coloration and beyond: delving into the near-infrared

grad students

Mackenzie K, Andy L.

Feb. 15

Chris Harley

University of British Columbia

Abiotic stressors, species interactions, and the challenge of ecological complexity in an era of environmental change

need 2 volunteers

Feb. 22

No Seminar - Reading Week

Mar. 1

Jennifer Ruesink

University of Washington

Linking functional diversity to the ecological valuation of habitat


need 2 volunteers

Mar. 8

Edd Hammill

Utah State University

Systematic conservation planning at the landscape scale – examples from warfare ecology and transport planning


Matt O., Megan B.

Mar. 15

Ford Doolittle

Dalhousie University

Darwinizing Gaia


need 2 volunteers

Mar. 22

Pleuni Pennings

San Francisco State University

Evolution Lecture: On the evolution of HIV evolution: a story about Freddy Mercury, Charlie Sheen and selective sweeps

grad students

Laura P., Jasmine O.

Mar. 29

Nathan Lovejoy

University of Toronto Scarborough

The shocking true story of evolution, signal diversity, and biogeography of Neotropical electric fishes


Ailene M., need 1 volunteer

Apr. 5

Shannon McCauley

University of Toronto Mississauga

Freshwater communities in a changing world


Michelle T., Patrick T.